30 Photos Taken at Just the Right Angle

In the world that we live in, it's all about the perspective and playing with it. It is important to see good in bad, and vice versa, but what's even more fun is to take pictures of people, objects and animals at just the right angle. Timing is crucial in such photos as well, and you'll understand why in just a second.

15 of The Most Terrifying Animals You Never Knew About

This world is so beautiful, but there are a lot of things we don’t really know about.We hate everything that scares us and love everything that make us smile. A lot of us are afraid of spiders and sn

Japan’s Glimmering Tunnel of Lights — Spectacular Winter Illuminations

Do you know any flowers that bloom in winter? We don’t. BUT, there’s a really cool light show in Japan that has the same potential as the flowers. The show is called Touka no Kyouen (Flowers in Winter

14 Mind-Blowing Examples of Alien & Beautiful Nature

There’s no photoshop, no image alteration of any kind, just another proof that nature can create miracles of unimaginable beauty. Of course, from time to time we, humans, try to improve nature’s desig

15 Unique Places Transformed Into Something Amazing At Night

Everything is illuminated! No, I’m not talking about the movie with Elijah Wood, I’m talking about the bioluminescence, the Northern Lights, a freaky glowing mushroom forest in the heart of the New-Yo

Top 10 Horror Movie Animals

When the new creature in the movie appears - that is what gives shivers down your spine. We can only imagine what one or another creature may be capable of, feeling the tension throughout the movie. Let’s remember the scariest ones or reveal new creatures for ourselves.

Buff Domestic Animals Who Look Like the Arnold Schwarzeneggers Of The Animal Kingdom

Myostatin. We won’t be surprised if you’ve never heard this word before, unless you have a knack for biology. Myostatin is a protein. A very important protein because it controls muscle cell growth. A

10 Unusual Movie Couples That Will Take Your Breath Away

Here’s a list of unusual couples that you will either love or hate. It’s impossible to stay indifferent when you see them on screen!

The 7 Wonders of the Modern World

Since the Seven Wonders of the ancient world were pretty much all but destroyed (only thing that was left were the Giza pyramids), some new ones were picked out by the New7Wonders (what’s in a name?) Foundation. A total of 21 finalists were selected, and the results were made public on July 7th, 2007. Let’s take a look at everyone’s next 21 trip locations.

7 Women Who Look Way Too Young For Their Age

Masako Mizutani (47 years old)Have you ever noticed that Asian women either turn into typical grandmas after 50 or they look like 30 till they hit 80? Masako Mizutani, a stunning Japanese model, is c

8 Movies That Changed Your Mind About Actors You Hated (or Loved)

Sometimes actors like to switch things around, giving us completely unexpected performances. Whether or not we like those movies is irrelevant, really, but we do get to see a whole new side to our beloved actors. For better or for worse, these 8 movies changed the way we perceive some of the biggest Hollywood idols.

Dream to Be a Millionaire? These 12 Kids Know How to Do It!

These 12 kids weren’t old enough to drive a car at the time of earning their first big money, but there’s no age restriction on becoming a millionaire!

45 Epic Behind The Scenes GIFs

Check out some epic behind the scenes GIFs. Okay? Let's begin then!

Dolly Cohen – the greatest mouth-jeweler ever! Get Ya Grillz On!

A grill is that type of jewelry worn over the teeth. Many of us may think it’s something new, but hip-hop culture has existed since late 70s and Hip hop’s golden age gave rappers things which they hav

20 Surprising Facts About The Big Bang Theory You Probably Didn’t Know

I know this show has a lot of haters, but it’s a pretty fun and entertaining piece of television, IMO. If you’re a fan, you’ll definitely like this list, and if you don’t like TBBT, well, why would you even click on this post?Anyway, here’s are 20 awesome little-known facts about the show, its actors and more!

19 Extremely Ripped Bodybuilders That Actually Exist

Bodybuilding competitions can be a real treat to watch but some people just don’t give a damn about their bodies and are pushing themselves to the extreme. Here are some of the most insane, tremendous

Meet Real-Life Barbie Doll Valeria Lukyanova

It’s been only 3 years since we’ve first heard of this “human Barbie”. An incredibly slim 20-something-year-old Ukrainian girl Valeria Lukyanova has taken the internet by storm, after going viral.Wha

27 Years Of Steroid Abuse Made Him A Superhuman (but not really)

Say hello to Rich Piana, a 300 lbs bodybuilder, who openly admits taking steroids since he was 18. He’s now 45 and still insists he would not change his decision even if he could. Piana says he knows all about the risks of steroid use, and even frequently discusses his experience on his YouTube channel, where he talks for hours about what to do and what not to do, and, frankly, he seems to be happy with his life choices.

10 Real People Who Decided To Become Human Dolls

These people have been playing with dolls for so long they actually started to look like them! And then they start to alter their body and facial features in the creepiest way possible, to look exactly like those dolls. Some say they look astonishing and beautiful, other say they belong in the looney bin, but the fact is - they’re among us, whether we like it or not.

Top 10 Most Painful Australian Animal Bites

Dr. Bryan Fry did some research into the subject and came up with the 10 most painful animal bites in Australia. In case there’s anyone wondering which highly scientific method he used to figure this out: he actually let all of them bite him. So remember: these things hurt a man with steel balls.