Stylish Grandpa Takes Internet by Storm

Say hello to the most stylish grandpa on Earth – Günther Anton Krabbenhöft. This chic gentleman has recently gone viral on multiple social media web sites and rightfully so! The 70-year-old geezer (he

Loki the Wolfdog

Say hello to a new Instagram celebrity – a magnificent low content wolfdog Loki (mix of husky, malamute and some arctic wolf). He’s huge, he’s fluffy and he’s traveling the world with his faithful hum

Daredevil Brian Mosbaugh

Brian Mosbaugh is the most hype-realistic, thrill-seeker you will ever find. This guy’s absolutely fearless, I mean this guy has balls so big you’d need a wheel barrow to carry them around. His amazin

Vanessa Paxton Captures Stunning Images of People’s Faces

Vanessa Paxton created a really unusual and fascinating project. The Jamaican photographer started it in 2011. Her project includes all female faces from different ethnicities, surrounded by a color.

7 Mouthwatering Latin American Snacks To Include Into Your Bucket List

Do you like delicious and/or spicy food? Great! I've got a few special treats from Latin America. Prepare to drool like a bulldog on a hot summer day for these mouthwatering dishes. Bon appetite, or should I say buen apetito!

10 Things No One Knows About Mexico

There’s so much you don’t know about Mexico! The history of bullfighting, the origin of chocolate and chili, the infamous Tabasco sauce that’s named after a Mexican state, but is actually produced in the U.S. – these facts are only the tip of the iceberg that’s called ‘Mexico’. Here are a few things that will totally change your perception of this country.

Only In Japan Will You Find These Special LED-Illuminated Skirts

When it comes to fashion, it feels like Japan exists in another dimension. They’ve defined “fashion-forward” to a brand new level with their Ganguro styles, bagel head trends and many other crazy thin

15 Bizarre Things That You Can Actually Own

If you’ve ever used Amazon, Ebay or any of their little brother and sisters, you know you can buy pretty much anything there. And by “anything” I mean any-thing. Someone even tried to sell their kidne

5 Girls-With-Food Accounts You’ve Got To See

Over the past few years, “snackwave”, a trend intended to celebrate junk food as an antithesis to the unhealthy media obsession with the healthy food culture-turned-religion, has become an alternative

This 10-Story High ‘Sky Pool’ Is Absolutely Jaw-Dropping

Have you ever dreamed of flying over city streets like Superman? Some lucky Londoners will soon have a chance to have such an experience. There is only one tiny difference – instead of wearing a super

Hyper-Realistic Superhero Bodyart by Argenis Pinal

Today’s Instagram celebrity is an incredibly gifted makeup artist Argenis Pinal, who, unlike Laura Jenkinson, uses entire bodies to make comic book heroes and heroines come to life. Naturally, it take

7 Beautiful Photo Projects Showcasing “The Kiss”

Few could forget their first kiss, nor these two iconic images of couples kissing. Robert Doisneau managed to capture the most intimate moment in the history of photography, and Alfred Eisenstaedt’s i

Ghostly Teen Portraits By Yong Sung Heo

Using a traditional ink-and-wash technique, South Korean artist Yong Sung Heo creates haunting portraits of Korean teenagers blurring the line between reality and fantasy. The artist masterfully captu

15 Epic Roads To Drive On Before You Die

What could be better than a long road trip accompanied by fascinating scenery? Only a drive on the most epic roads in the world. These 15 roads listed here are true marvels of engineering that give yo

Zhang Peng – The Creepiest Photographer Alive!

Zhang Peng is famous Chinese photographer, who makes the scariest photos ever. In 2006, he changed his style to become more creepy and gory. Through his photos, he tried to show us elements that have

Are we really not alone?

NASA has finally announced it: they have found another Earth. Well, they didn’t say it, but it sounded exactly like that. Kepler-452b is some kind of bigger and older cousin of Earth that exists in a

Tattoos Are Awesome!

Tattoos are awesome. Sometimes, we get to feast our eyes on some of the most majestic masterpieces of tattoo art and conversely we sometimes observe some of the most cringeworthy blunders that actuall

Hysterically Funny Asian T-Shirts

Let me ask you a small question: how many times have you thought that Japanese, Chinese or Korean characters just look awesome, irrelevant of their meaning? How many times have you considered getting

20 Random People Caught Publicly in Awkward Positions

Have you ever seen someone dozing off on a plane or on the street, or better yet on the subway? Yeah, all the drooling and the snoring is just so awkward to watch but you can’t even imagine how creati

Amazing Coffee Stain Drawings by Carter Asmann

Like many artists, Carter Asmann is quite fond of coffee. Unlike most artists, he has found a perfect way to integrate this passion into his works.  The California-based photographer and illustr

This House Was Built On A Cliff, You Won’t Believe The Inside…

Thinking about living on the edge? Two Greek architects created a literally ground-breaking project of a house hidden in a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea. Called Casa Brutale – Rough House – and des