15 Bollywood Bombshells That Will Make Your Heart Race

India has been attracting much attention lately with its evolving film-production and gorgeous touristic sights that seem to never get out of trend. Today everyone has at least heard the word ‘Bollywood’ and has watched an Indian movie or two. It’s hard to deny the fact that Hindu movies are among the most unique in the industry, with its own musical flavor, mad dance moves and unparalleled epicness, which sometimes gets out of hand and becomes borderline crazy. Yet it’s Bollywood’s gorgeous women that make Hindu movies so appealing. Just like in any other country, we get to see some of the most beautiful, elegant, smart and fit women on the silver screen. Here are 15 Bollywood stars that are incredibly hot.

9 Loveliest Priyanka Chopra Bollywood Songs

After countless ups and downs, Priyanka Chopra's career has finally reached the sky, making her one of the biggest Bollywood stars, and currently conquering Hollywood. So, today, let's talk about some of her greatest songs and music videos. Here are the top 10 loveliest Priyanka Chopra songs so far. Enjoy!

7 Spine-Chilling Mysteries from India

India’s culture is among the most ancient in the world and is rich with gods, monsters, demons and all kinds of deities. It’s a country where people take supernatural for granted and don’t doubt for a second there are things and creatures more powerful than human beings and that karma makes all things happen. So it comes as no surprise that in a country like this there are mysteries that cannot be solved neither by scientists, nor by priests and philosophers. Here are 7 mind-bending mysteries of India.

Top 10 Indian Superheroes With Infinite Superpowers

You may have heard of Captain America, Spider-man, Batman, and countless other superheroes, but did you know there's a league of extraordinary Indian superdudes who call themselves “The Scavengers”? Yeah, really on the nose there, Bollywood, but I'm not blaming you. In this day and age, a good superhero movie is hard to come by. Then again, I'm a fanboy, so I'll take whatever they're dishing out.Anyway, let's see these top 10 Indian superheroes with infinite superpowers!

Top 10 Horror Travel Destinations

Do you like horror movies and travel? Do you like to combine those two hobbies, leading to perpetual fear in a situation where your state of mind should be blissful and happy? I have some great news for you! . Let’s take a look at the best horror travel destinations for all your death-defying traveling needs.

Benedict Cumberbatch: 4 Amazing Performances & 4 That Sucked

It’s not a secret that Benedict Cumberbatch is among the most intriguing modern day actors. He’s been involved in so many versatile movies that it’s sometimes hard to tell whether he’s just good or bloody brilliant. His characters are often strange (or Strange, if you like), but he depicts each and every one of them with great passion, always adding some quirky interesting details that make them truly unforgettable. But does he always choose the best roles? Far from it! Benedict Cumberbatch is also prone to questionable movie choices. Here are some of his most unforgettable roles, both good and not-so-good.

At What Age These Famous Parents and Their Kids Looked Like Twins

These sons and daughters of hot superstar parents, were lucky enough to inherit most of those beautiful genes, making them look a lot like their parents at some point in their lives. We've compiled a stellar group of first and second generation folks for you to feast your eyes on. To be completely candid with you the resemblance between some of them is really uncanny. Get ready to be surprised!

7 Fascinating Facts About Doctor Strange

We're not going to retell you Doctor Strange's origin story, there's plenty of that in the movie and in more reputable comic book related sources and YouTube videos. What we do want to show you, however, are some pretty neat, and little-known, bits of info about this character, that we find fascinating. Let's roll!

10 Creepiest Unsolved Murders in History

Murderers have been living among us since the dawn of time, hiding in plain sight, mingling with the rest of us

10 Craziest Things that Happened on Live TV

Sometimes, while watching TV, you'll see something weird, that will burrow deep into your brain. Be it an unexpected kiss of two celebrities, a wardrobe malfunction that will spawn millions of internet memes, or something really terrifying, that will still cause major controversy, many years later. Live television is for the most part uncensored, so all sorts of situations can and do happen, so here are 10 insane things that people actually saw live.

14 Easter Eggs In Disney Movies That Will Blow Your Mind

Just in case you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re forced (or as kids call it, asked) to watch another Disney movie, let’s take a look at some fun Easter eggs and cameos that’ll make the entire ordeal slightly less annoying. You could also watch them without kids – either is fine. It’s your life.

The Most Badass Female TV Characters Of All Time

What could be better than to list out some of the most prominent female TV characters in certain hit TV shows? Let's take a look at our list then!

10 Things Americans Find Really Weird About Mexicans

It's probably not a big secret that different nations do things a little differently, this includes Mexicans as well, of course. While many Americans might find the following traditions somewhat strange, Mexicans know that they only make them stand out. Let's see what the Americans find weird about their Southern neighbors and their traditions.

Top 10 Most Visually Stunning Movies of All Time

Some movies are made in such a beautiful way, that we forgive them any kind of flaws they might have. It’s not all about the visuals, but when the movie’s beautiful, it becomes a kind of picture perfect art in itself that’s not caught in one moment, but is moving constantly from one frame to another. Here are 10 movies with truly stunning visuals.

Cristiano Ronaldo Is The Best Photoshop Model Ever

Of course the best thing to do with a vain football player that acts like a sassy model, is turn him into a model. A Photoshop model, that is. It might not be a real job, but today it’s his job. Take Ronaldo in a weird pose, add random shit to it and hilarity is bound to ensue. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones – it’s gonna get Messi!

20 Google Tricks Only Expert Users Know About

There are many neat Google tricks you should know to make your life a lot easier. Let's see what this omniscient Internet deity can do!

This Hawk Photoshop Battle is Epic

Clint Ralph, an animal enthusiast, was visiting South Africa when he was looking for bearded vultures to photograph. As he spotted a jackal hawk moving towards his latest meal, he turned his lens towards it. Enter a random picture of a badass hawk being a badass. That's when the Internet, in all its infinite glory and creativity, started Photoshopping the living hell out of this hawk. Let's take a look at the best entries of the Battle of the Badass Hawk.

25 Blood-Chilling Makeup Ideas For Halloween

Take a look at these 25 examples of Halloween makeup that will help you scare everyone sh@tless this year. Have fun!

Top 9 Skyscrapers That Push The Limits of Design

While there’s a lot of amazing non-tall buildings out there, we’re taking the phallic route. Since bigger is always better, even in architecture, let's take a look at 9 of the most brilliantly designed skyscrapers - either existing or planned.

7 Weird IG Accounts You Should Follow

Instagram has been around for a long time and people have really learned how to use it to attract audiences. Some post kittens, birdies and other cute animals, while others focus on their own lives and hobbies. Yet, there are others who use it to promote art and all sorts of crazy and fun ideas. Here’s a list of 7 incredibly fun and weird Instagram accounts you should definitely check out.

10 Mysterious Ancient Artifacts That Still Baffle Scientists

We are used to thinking that ancient world was not as developed as our modern civilization. But is that actually true? They are as different from us as we are from the people that will be living on Earth in a thousand years. They had their own gods, belief systems, and yes, technologies as well. Some of the archaeological finds we make today reveal that thousands of years ago people were using mechanisms of incredible complexity. Some of them still baffle scientists as they can’t figure out what those gizmos were used for! Here’s a list of 10 ancient finds of unknown origin.