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9 Classic Sculptures Dressed as Hipsters

A few years ago, French photographer Leo Caillard came upon some clever inspiration. With a big assist from the Louvre in Paris, Caillard dressed up the museum's classic statues with modern, hipster apparel! To achieve this effect, he first had his friends pose in the same way as the statues while decked out in designer sunglasses, checkered shirts and other fashionable clothing. Then he completed the project using Photoshop. Here is a sample of some of our favorites!

Robert Irwin Makes Better Wildlife Photos Than You Do

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Fans of the early 1990s series Twin Peaks were thrilled when Showtime announced an 18-episode reboot, the first of which premiered in May 2017. Set 25 years after the original, Twin Peaks: The Return features FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper investigating all new mysteries in the sleepy, Pacific Northwest town. If you enjoy the show, you will be pleased to know that you can actually visit some of the iconic locations where the original TV show was set! Here is a look at 12 of our favorites!

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