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9 Rage-Inducing Zoo Incidents

You may think that zoos are mostly amazing, because there you can see all sorts of animals from far away lands, sometimes these animals are on the verge of extinction even, but honestly, 90% of zoos have had horrible incidents. Maybe that's why there are no “good” zoos in the world.

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Top 10 Deadliest Everyday Foods

If you think the meat-eaters have it bad with the whole last year's “bacon causes cancer” controversy, wait till you hear what the herbivores have to deal with! There are at least 10 products that we consume on a daily basis, that can literally kill you, on both the meat and the veggie side. So read, and take notes!

9 Craziest Themed Cafes From Around The World

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You cannot even comprehend what the human genius can accomplish when push comes to shove. Things break all the time, and these modern-day heroes were gifted with the best power of them all – the power to fix stuff. Sadly, at times their fixing just looks too stupid. Let's have a look at these prodigies!

15 Airlines with the Hottest Flight Attendants

Today we present to you 15 airlines with the hottest flight attendants/ air hostesses!

10 Hottest Female Comedians on the Planet

It is true that female comedians have been largely underrated. Yet it is also true that during the last decade lots of spectacular women found their calling in this very field, proving once again that women can be as funny as they are beautiful. Many people believe that only overweight or weird-looking women become comedians, but this list is about to prove them wrong. These are hot stand-up comedians who have done their own shows and created sketches that became super popular. They just happen to be female and incredibly good-looking!