8 Celebrities with Gay Parents

Right now people are becoming more and more open about gay relationships and same-sex families raising children. 10 years ago LGBT families were still a big issue that could cause a nation-wide scandal, and what about 20, 30 or even 40 years ago. Was it any different for celebs who were raised by gay parents a few decades ago? They probably had to maintain some kind of secrecy back in the day, yet now most of them openly speak about their childhood. Here are 8 celebs who were raised by gay parents.

Ben Rubin Puts Monsters Next to Random People

Some artists really have that unique touch that separates them from the rest. Ben Rubin, owner of the Instagram page Subway Doodle, is one of those unique artists. He adds his own typical “monsters” to random pictures, most of them taken in the subway. While most of them are quite normal, some of them also have an element of social criticism to them.

8 Celebrities With Historically Important Parents/Grandparents

It’s true what they say about apples not falling far from the trees, and in case if the trees are celebrities, their apples almost always stay in the shade of their parents’ crowns. Sometimes it’s the other way around, if the kid gets lucky! But still, it’s fascinating that some celebrities had dads, moms and grandparents, who achieved success in entirely different fields and became a part of history.

45 Celebrity Yearbook Photos

So, who's up to see some cringy yearbook photos of your favorite (or most hated) celebrities? Here we go!

18 Fascinating Facts about Indonesia You Never Knew

Indonesia is a huge and beautiful country, which has rich and fascinating history. Here is the list of 18 interesting facts about this amazing country.

Top 8 Richest People of Bangladesh

When you hear Bangladesh you don't imagine it's the richest country in the world, right? Yet, despite all that, there are people who one way or another managed not only to stay afloat, but also become millionaires. Now let's see who the top 10 richest Bangladeshi people are and how much they're worth.

10 Sexiest Indonesian Celebrities

People in Indonesia are crazy about their idols! So here we go, in no particular order, a list of 10 sexiest Indonesian celebrities. And if you have any favorites of your own, please let me know in the comments below!

These Pictures Look Normal … Until You Take A Closer Look

Sometimes, you spend years upon years looking at a picture. It’s perfectly fine from a regular point of view. You’ve looked at it a dozen, maybe a hundred times, and then it hits you: your picture got fucked up somewhere along the line.

5 Grossest Indonesian Delicacies That May Actually Be Quite Delicious

Asians are real perverts when it comes to food. I mean, who in their right mind would think of eating a dog or roast a rat on a stick? And you just know that with weird “snacks” like those, the Indonesians have figured out how to brew some life-altering alcohol. Well, either way, everything is food if you're hungry (or brave) enough, so you should get through this list just fine as long as you're not a vegan. Bon appétit, if you dare!

Top 10 Capitals of Islamic Culture: From Kuala Lumpur & Singapore to Jakarta & Dhaka

Discover more about 10 of Islamic culture which made a great contribution to the Islamic world and beyond.

11 Worst Oscars 2017 Screw-ups (It Wasn’t Just the La La Fail!)

Let’s quickly recap these 10 worst Oscars 2017 screw-ups, so you, like the rest of the internet, can make dank memes!

12 Marvel Heroes Before They Turned Into Heroes

Do you ever wonder what our favorite Marvel superheroes looked like in their teens? What were they like before all the stardom and world-saving? We can’t know for sure, but what we do know is that each of them had a childhood and a period of awkward adolescence. The actors that played these characters certainly did as well! Here are 10 Marvel heroes before they became heroes.

Curvy Black Cosplayer Makes The Internet Go Wild!

In the spirit of «Black History Month», many cosplayers are doing black characters from games, movies, and cartoons. Just look at this 21-year-old Instagram celebrity Kiera and let's see some of her best looks.

15 Hollywood Bombshells Who Are Also Into Sports

Here's our list of 15 sexy Hollywood superstars who keep rooting for their teams, and visit every game they can. God bless them.

9 Models Who Changed The Definition of Beauty in Their Favor

These models have redefined the rules of the modeling game and turned their “disadvantage” into something beautiful. Literally.

9 Actors Who Were Drunk on Set

Quite a few films show actors having a sip of the good ol' whiskey, bourbon, wine, or whatever the script calls for. But rarely, if ever, do the viewers notice if the actors are actually smashed or just acting. I mean, if I had to repeat a scene inside a brewery time after time, I'd be pretty blitzed! Naturally, it's not always alcohol that they're drinking, and they spit everything out most of the time, relying on their own method acting skills. There are, however, instances, when the actors either come to the set already inebriated, or become that during the shooting. And here are just 9 of them.

History Gone Mad: 20 Things You’ll Never Believe Actually Happened

Some people think that we’re living in a truly crazy world right now. But what about a few decades ago or a century? Weird things have been happening non-stop throughout the human history and some of them were even documented and photographed. If you think that nowadays people like to do crazy things, wait till you see this collection of historical photos. Each of these shots has captured an incredible moment that seems absolutely impossible. Yet here they are – 20 mind-bending things you won’t believe actually happened in real life.

Transformation of 39 Celebs from Their Childhood to the Present Day

Enjoy this gallery of 39 celeb transformations from their childhood to the present day and see how goofy our idols looked when they were kids or teens!

12 Hottest Female Athletes of Rio 2016 Olympics

I know I'm in the minority, when I say “I don't watch the Olympics”, but sometimes I can't help it for one reason or another. And with the Rio Olympics finally over, it's about time to focus on the best part of it – the scorching hot female athletes!

Behind the Curtains of a Bodybuilding Contest

Let's go behind the curtains and see what is hidden from the public view during annual amateur bodybuilding championship in Gosport (Hampshire).

15 Times Pokemon Go Went Too Far

Some gamers are ready to do anything just to catch the beast. Let’s take a look at the funniest places where people were looking for Pokemons.