Top 9 Oldest Actors to Play Teenagers on TV

Let's see if you can guess the age of the following actors and actresses, who played carefree teenagers on the small screen!

Johnny Galecki and 13 Other Shockingly Short Male Actors

Can you really trust what you see on screen? Apart from all the visual effects, there are tricks cameramen use that can really change a person’s appearance. They can make an actor look taller than he actually is, for example. Don’t believe? Here are a few handsome male stars whose actual height will really surprise you. And while Elijah Wood’s height may not be such a shocking revelation, have you ever considered Tom Cruise to be one of the shorties?

Random Pictures Turned Into Movie Posters

How about taking an image and turning it into a movie poster. Boom. Thanks, Internet. Sounds weird? It’s not – it’s completely badass. Let’s take a look at some of the best the interwebs has to offer.

Oh, How the Tables Have Turned!

If you're a big interior buff, prepare to be amazed and get (at least) a few unusual coffee table ideas for your living room. Surely, your guests will love your extravagant sense of style. Let's go!

15 Times Disney Lied to Us About Girls’ Fashion

Who doesn’t like Disney princess movies? Yet it doesn’t change the fact that they are packed with some pretty surreal (although mostly funny) lies that some, if not all, kids tend to believe are true. While some of them are cute and charming, others may get you in real trouble. Well, at least everyone had a good laugh when you actually tried to comb your hair with a fork like Ariel did. Disney movies may be fun, but they make unforgivable lies about style and fashion!

The 11 Strongest Women to Ever Walk the Earth

It’s a common belief that men are stronger than women, but we all know there are exceptions to this rule. Some guys can hardly pick up a chair, and some girls can move trucks without giving it a second thought. Yes, women with incredible strength really exist and they have been around for a long time. So what do they look like and what methods do they use to become so powerful? Here are the most prominent women with unimaginable strength.

The Truth Behind The “Perfect” Instagram Photos

Art requires dedication and, from time to time, even sacrifice. So, for their awesome photoshoot “A Kitchen Lived In: Perception vs Reality”, Wren Kitchens teamed up with five popular bloggers to reveal what lies a perfect Instagram post may be hiding. You’ll see how smart cropping, right angle and some filters can turn a chaotic kitchen table into a top-notch Instagram post.

10 Male Hotties From the 90s Who’ve Only Gotten Better With Age

A lot of great, weird and even crazy things came out of the 90s. Most of them, like the funny phrases that never made much sense, are long gone now. Along with all the cool gadgets and nerdy toys. Do you remember beepers and the cool-looking boomboxes? And what about Treasure Trolls and Tamagotchi? While all these things are now part of the past, our teen heartthrobs are still rocking the screens and stages. Well, at least some of them. Here’s a list of 10 hotties from the 90s who have still got the looks.

6 Most Stylish Grandpas on the Internet

These stylish grandpas will gladly educate you on what it means to be old and look bold. And to a whole sea of thirsty, awestruck women out there, these old boys are a sight to behold.

Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time! (20 pics)

Let’s go straight to the fails shall we?

14 Of The Most Powerful Olympics Images

Since ancient Greece, people have looked forward to the Olympics. It’s that one time every four years where you get to see all kinds of different people compete in sports you didn’t even know existed. And every four years, it’s a huge source of entertainment and powerful images.

7 Mysterious Discoveries That Left Even Archaeologists Baffled

Archaeologists are not always faced with ordinary discoveries. Sometimes, they stumble upon things that are quite perplexing and baffling. Here are seven of the most sensational discoveries that are still to be properly explored.

5 Very Different, But Equally Iconic Blondes

The women on this list have manages to overcome the obstacles of being a typical blonde in the deadly mire of show business.

Gorgeous Fashion Portraits You Can Actually Eat

Meet a famous fashion illustrator Edgar Artis. He is from Armenia and his creatives are not like the others’. What is so special about his illustrations? Edgar found a way to display his fashion works using real food.

18 Biggest Online Shopping FAILS

Yay, online shopping! Where previous generations had to spend entire afternoons running from store to store in hopes of finding that one item they were looking for, the internet has once again made life significantly easier for all of us. In most cases, let’s assume the vast majority, these transactions are completely flawless. Luckily for us, sometimes the transaction goes completely south...

Is It a Healthy Snack or a Junk Food?

These are healthy indeed, but you really want to eat to live, like a shmuck, or you want to live to eat and experience all the delicious dishes out there? Well, that's a decision everyone has to make for themselves. At any rate, these funny-looking junk food knock-offs deserve a chance to be tasted, since they're full of vitamins, low on calories and are generally easy on the eye!

18 Incredibly Cringeworthy Couple Tattoos

If you’re one of those couples who like to show their affection publicly, but french kissing and light petting just don’t cut it for you anymore, and you still want to make everyone around you barf every time they see you, just repeat after these couples - get cringeworthy tattoos! You’ll see people unfriend you on Facebook faster than you can say “Suicide Squad was actually a pretty fun movie” but that's fine, they're just jealous of your love!

12 Fascinating Suicide Squad Movie Facts

Regardless if you hated or loved it, Suicide Squad is here! So would you like to hear some cool facts about this movie? Maybe something on the characters that weren't included, the Joker/Harley chemistry, and why was Batman even in this movie?

Olympic Gymnastics Then and Now: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes

The Rio 2016 Olympics are here, and maybe even long gone, by the time you get to read this article. And while we stare at the gymnasts' bodies defying the laws of gravity, twisting and twirling in the air, and then (hopefully) sticking a perfect landing time after time, we just can't help but admire those skin-tight leotards they are wearing... as well as their superhuman abilities, of course.

Top 10 Things You Probably Can’t Do

What do mutants, metahumans, and that weird kid from junior high have in common? They can do things with their bodies that you can’t do. They can be either impressive, mildly amusing or downright gross. Thankfully, we don’t all need to have a genetic defect or a bad childhood to learn some of these weird skills.

Before-And-After Photos Of Couples Losing Weight Together

These weight loss stories may actually inspire you to work out more and keep going, if you have a significant other accompanying you along the way!