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Dude Inserts Cartoon and Movie Characters Into Real Life Using His iPhone! (27 Pics)

Francois Dourlen has come up with one hell of an idea - transforming landscapes using images from movies and TV. He takes pictures of himself holding the phone, using it as a canvas to insert an appropriate pop culture reference, such as The Simpsons, Star Wars, Disney characters, Guardians Of The Galaxy, and many others.

Armpit Tattoos Are The New Hot Thing To Do, According To People Cooler Than Me

Of all places on your body, literally every place conceivable, why would you put a work of art in your armpit?

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DC’s Top 5 Most Insane On-Screen Jokers of All Time

Joker has been one of the greatest villains in the history of comic books for decades. He's been cracking killing jokes in Gotham City since 1940! He's robbed banks, killed a ton of people, and was even the first ever man to commit murder on the Moon. He's a totally insane badass! Get ready to meet top 5 most insane Jokers of all time!

15 Breathtaking Photos From The Pilot’s Cockpit

Photographer Santiago Borja Lopez has manage to capture some of the most breathtaking cloud formations straight from his cockpit. Santiago is a pilot working for Ecuador Airlines, and every time he is off-duty, he whips out his trusty camera to capture the most mind-blowing sights that the sky has to offer.

These Pictures Put The Tokyo Commute In Another Light

This photographer did something unusual. He showed us the Tokyo commute in another light.

10 Hyper-specific Mental Disorders (And Movies About Them)

Writing about mental illness can be tricky because everyone’s perception is fundamentally different. Making films about mental illness is twice as tricky because films are a staple of popular culture and expose a wide audience to a very personal issue. Listed below are 10 hyper-specific mental disorders and 10 films that do (at least) a half-decent job at demonstrating how they work and how people with these disorders feel.

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10 Worst Moments in US History That Have Changed Everything

U.S. history is packed with all kinds of events, both spectacular and horrifying. Each of them has shaped the country over the course of history into what we know it to be today. America has gone through wars, slavery, stock market crashes and even had its very own internment camps. Some of the decisions made by the country’s government has led to unbelievably devastating consequences that can still be felt today. Here are the 10 worst moments in US history that have changed everything.

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