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12 Marvel Heroes Before They Turned Into Heroes

Do you ever wonder what our favorite Marvel superheroes looked like in their teens? What were they like before all the stardom and world-saving? We can’t know for sure, but what we do know is that each of them had a childhood and a period of awkward adolescence. The actors that played these characters certainly did as well! Here are 10 Marvel heroes before they became heroes.

Curvy Black Cosplayer Makes The Internet Go Wild!

In the spirit of «Black History Month», many cosplayers are doing black characters from games, movies, and cartoons. Just look at this 21-year-old Instagram celebrity Kiera and let's see some of her best looks.

15 Hollywood Bombshells Who Are Also Into Sports

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9 Models Who Changed The Definition of Beauty in Their Favor

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9 Actors Who Were Drunk on Set

Quite a few films show actors having a sip of the good ol' whiskey, bourbon, wine, or whatever the script calls for. But rarely, if ever, do the viewers notice if the actors are actually smashed or just acting. I mean, if I had to repeat a scene inside a brewery time after time, I'd be pretty blitzed! Naturally, it's not always alcohol that they're drinking, and they spit everything out most of the time, relying on their own method acting skills. There are, however, instances, when the actors either come to the set already inebriated, or become that during the shooting. And here are just 9 of them.

History Gone Mad: 20 Things You’ll Never Believe Actually Happened

Some people think that we’re living in a truly crazy world right now. But what about a few decades ago or a century? Weird things have been happening non-stop throughout the human history and some of them were even documented and photographed. If you think that nowadays people like to do crazy things, wait till you see this collection of historical photos. Each of these shots has captured an incredible moment that seems absolutely impossible. Yet here they are – 20 mind-bending things you won’t believe actually happened in real life.

Transformation of 39 Celebs from Their Childhood to the Present Day

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12 Hottest Female Athletes of Rio 2016 Olympics

I know I'm in the minority, when I say “I don't watch the Olympics”, but sometimes I can't help it for one reason or another. And with the Rio Olympics finally over, it's about time to focus on the best part of it – the scorching hot female athletes!

Behind the Curtains of a Bodybuilding Contest

Let's go behind the curtains and see what is hidden from the public view during annual amateur bodybuilding championship in Gosport (Hampshire).

15 Times Pokemon Go Went Too Far

Some gamers are ready to do anything just to catch the beast. Let’s take a look at the funniest places where people were looking for Pokemons.

Top 9 Oldest Actors to Play Teenagers on TV

Let's see if you can guess the age of the following actors and actresses, who played carefree teenagers on the small screen!

Johnny Galecki and 13 Other Shockingly Short Male Actors

Can you really trust what you see on screen? Apart from all the visual effects, there are tricks cameramen use that can really change a person’s appearance. They can make an actor look taller than he actually is, for example. Don’t believe? Here are a few handsome male stars whose actual height will really surprise you. And while Elijah Wood’s height may not be such a shocking revelation, have you ever considered Tom Cruise to be one of the shorties?

Random Pictures Turned Into Movie Posters

How about taking an image and turning it into a movie poster. Boom. Thanks, Internet. Sounds weird? It’s not – it’s completely badass. Let’s take a look at some of the best the interwebs has to offer.

Oh, How the Tables Have Turned!

If you're a big interior buff, prepare to be amazed and get (at least) a few unusual coffee table ideas for your living room. Surely, your guests will love your extravagant sense of style. Let's go!

15 Times Disney Lied to Us About Girls’ Fashion

Who doesn’t like Disney princess movies? Yet it doesn’t change the fact that they are packed with some pretty surreal (although mostly funny) lies that some, if not all, kids tend to believe are true. While some of them are cute and charming, others may get you in real trouble. Well, at least everyone had a good laugh when you actually tried to comb your hair with a fork like Ariel did. Disney movies may be fun, but they make unforgivable lies about style and fashion!

The 11 Strongest Women to Ever Walk the Earth

It’s a common belief that men are stronger than women, but we all know there are exceptions to this rule. Some guys can hardly pick up a chair, and some girls can move trucks without giving it a second thought. Yes, women with incredible strength really exist and they have been around for a long time. So what do they look like and what methods do they use to become so powerful? Here are the most prominent women with unimaginable strength.

The Truth Behind The “Perfect” Instagram Photos

Art requires dedication and, from time to time, even sacrifice. So, for their awesome photoshoot “A Kitchen Lived In: Perception vs Reality”, Wren Kitchens teamed up with five popular bloggers to reveal what lies a perfect Instagram post may be hiding. You’ll see how smart cropping, right angle and some filters can turn a chaotic kitchen table into a top-notch Instagram post.

10 Male Hotties From the 90s Who’ve Only Gotten Better With Age

A lot of great, weird and even crazy things came out of the 90s. Most of them, like the funny phrases that never made much sense, are long gone now. Along with all the cool gadgets and nerdy toys. Do you remember beepers and the cool-looking boomboxes? And what about Treasure Trolls and Tamagotchi? While all these things are now part of the past, our teen heartthrobs are still rocking the screens and stages. Well, at least some of them. Here’s a list of 10 hotties from the 90s who have still got the looks.

6 Most Stylish Grandpas on the Internet

These stylish grandpas will gladly educate you on what it means to be old and look bold. And to a whole sea of thirsty, awestruck women out there, these old boys are a sight to behold.