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5 Worst Ways Game Of Thrones Could Actually End

Will the White Walkers kill everyone and rule the seven kingdoms? Maybe we'll get a happy ending for everyone and somehow resurrect Ned Stark, Hodor, and aaaall those “good people” who died during the 8 seasons. Okay, probably not, but what would be some of the worst ways to end the story? Let's find out!

Then And Now: Bollywood Child Actreses From The 90s

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New York City Took The ‘Dog-in-the-Subway’ Ban Well

Remember last year when the MTA banned dogs on the subway unless they could fit in a bag? Well, New York went full New York on them and showed the MTA that their ban had a small flaw in it: they didn't specify how big the bag was allowed to be.

7 Incredible Underwater Cities You Must Visit (Plus One Bonus Future Concept)

Are you eager to visit the Lost Continent of Atlantis? Sorry to burst your bubble, but it probably doesn't exist. However, if you would like to build a holiday around visiting mysterious, underwater cities, you will be thrilled to learn that you really do have options! From Europe to the Middle East to Asia, there is an underwater city just waiting for you to explore!

Surprised Aaron Paul Memes Are Surprisingly Hilarious!

Someone made Aaron Paul into a meme and the Internet totally approved of it! Honestly, it has some great potential.

20 Hilarious Fake Posters Found All Over California

There's this Bolivian stand-up comedian, Jason C. Saenz, who's going around California, putting up fake posters everywhere. Aside from being funny as hell, Saenz's posters are also placed in the most appropriately inappropriate places! Don't believe me? Fine, take a look at them yourself!

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Psychological Syndromes Named After A Geographical Location Because What Else Were They Supposed To Do

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10 Unbelievable Facts About Shaolin

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16 Coolest Pokemon Items You Can Find On Etsy

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Brilliant Digital Artist Photoshops Her Dog Into Different Movie Posters

Meet Irene. Irene clearly loves her adorable dog Lucy, who came from a rescue litter when she was just 6 weeks old, and you can see it from all these pics, that the feeling is mutual. A few years back Irene started Photoshopping her puppy into all sorts of movie posters, from horrors to comedies.

15+ Absolutely Horrible Tattoos You Will Fall In Love With

Think no one would like to have a poorly drawn ink on their skin? That’s where you’re wrong! People love this ‘original ink’ and leave 5-star reviews on the artist’s site. Here are her best (or worst) tattoo designs.

6 Freakishly Bizarre Ways to Create Art

We're all an artist nowadays. It's almost a conscious decision to not be an artist. In this amazing society of consumerism, you can sell pretty much everything to pretty much everyone. Which of course leads to a weird thing that's happening in pretty much all forms of art and entertainment.Let's take a look at some artful weirdos.

Were These Game Of Thrones Characters Borrowed From The Indian Epic Mahabharat?

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