12 Movies That Almost Killed Their Stars’ Careers

Here we give you 12 actors and actresses who almost ruined their careers by one single movie.

8 Reality TV Shows That Have Gone Too Far for Rating

Reality TV shows are known to cross all possible boundaries when it comes to ratings and views. The more daring one show gets, the harder it gets for all the upcoming shows to fill the shoes of the predecessor. In order to become even more addictive and gain millions of views, screen-writers come up with a variety of over the top ideas that would seem crazy to an ordinary person. But not to them! And the funny thing is, people actually watch these shows! Here are 8 reality shows that have gone too far for rating.

Average Guy Photoshops Himself Sleeping With Celebrities And It’s Hilarious

verage Rob, a fellow Belgian, has taken it upon himself to photoshop himself next to celebrities. You’d think that’s pretty standard, right? Well, he’s sleeping in all of the pictures, so it’s pretty damn hilarious.

10 Pretty Awesome Shows That Just Got cancelled

It's that time of year again. The time when we say goodbye to some of our favorite TV shows, because some people were not into them! Sure, this means “new possibilities” for the upcoming shows, but more often than not the cancellations come out of nowhere and the show producers can't even give their work a coherent ending. We all remember the likes of Firefly, Almost Human, and Constantine, all 3 of which were A+ TV shows, but were still cut down after the first season.

How Famous Battlefields of History Look Today

History has seen its fair share of bloodshed, and thankfully the places where humanity’s wars were waged have repaired from the damage quite nicely. It’s highly unlikely the scars and history of these places will ever completely fade away, but at least life has continued its course here.Let’s take a look at some battlefields and what they look like today.

14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right Now

Female comic writers (and drawers) are funny, witty and come out with the most exquisite puns. Here are 14 hilarious comics created by women you need to follow right now.

Las Vegas Through the Years (1905-2017)

Las Vegas wasn't always this neon oasis we know and love today. Just over a hundred years ago Las Vegas was nowhere to be seen, instead, there was sand, and sand, and more sand, and maybe some cacti. After all it's called Mojave desert for a reason, right?Let's take a look at how it all started, and follow its development...

27+ Cutest Albino Animals in the World

Would you like to see some albino lobsters? How about an albino raccoon? Strap in, and let's check out 20+ cutest albino animals in the world!

5 World’s Most Bizarre Theme Parks

Theme parks are great, I love watching people have fun, but sometimes these parks get really out of hand. Take Disneyland for example: it's colorful, and epic, and fun, and there are all these familiar characters. One of the best places on earth, if you're a Disney fan. On the other end of the theme park spectrum we have stuff like “Hershey Park”, and “Diggerland”. Digger-what now? Are they serious?Whatever, let's just pay a visit to these 5 world's most bizarre theme parks, and see, if we can still have fun in them!

11 Items You’ve Been Using Wrong Your Whole Life

You would think that by your age you’d have figured out how to use most household items and make the most out of your “ordering takeout” experience. But you’ll be surprised by these 11 items you’ve actually (probably) been using completely wrong!

8 Animals People Actually Believed Are Real

Here are 8 animals some people still think are real.

12 People Looking Ridiculously Photogenic In Uncomfortable Situations

Have you ever had a photo of you taken without knowing you were being photographed? Yeah, it's totally hideous, I've seen it too. My point is, 99.9% of all “spontaneous” photos suck. And think of all the viral paparazzi shots. None of those show the celebs in a good light.But it's not why you're here. You're here because you want to see that 0.01% of ridiculously photogenic people, right?

Top 18 Most Visited Cities In The World

Don’t we all love to travel? About once or twice every year, people get this general idea that literally anywhere else would be the best place in the world. But which cities get visited the most? It’s not that easy a question to answer as you’d think! Just kidding, it totally is...

The Top 10 Highest Paid Football Players In The World

Let’s try to take a look at the top 15 best paid football players in the world, based on the most recent (and trustworthy) numbers. Oh – and these are weekly wages, no endorsements or marketing deals included. Just in case you were wondering because of all the zeroes.

10 Places You Must Visit Before They Disappear

Don't waste your opportunity, and go see at least these 10 places before they are no more.

21 Most Hilarious Reactions To “Sad Pope Meeting The Trumps”

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to “Sad Pope meeting the Trumps”.

Pink Pineapples Exist And You Didn’t Tell Me About It First

Del Monte is the only one that produces pink pineapples and they actually have a patent on the pink deliciousness. They’re essentially regular pineapples that were genetically modified to tone down the enzymes that turn lycopene into carotene. It’s the same thing that turns tomatoes red and watermelons pink.

What is #Confefe And Why Is It Trending?

Thank you, President Trump for enriching our boring lives with new memes! If you frequent Twitter (or any other social media website), you may have seen people randomly saying #confefe. So what is it? What was Trump trying to say when talking about the “negative press”? What was this typo initially?

Heroes of Popular Memes – Then & Now

When these ordinary people got turned into an extraordinary symbol of laughter, their lives changed. Let’s take a look at some meme heroes and what they look like now.

10 Most Expensive Liquids In The World

Here is a list of 10 most expensive liquids found on this planet. No alcohol included! As it turns out, even the most expensive bottle of whiskey is cheap as water.

Ashley Graham And 9 More Totally Gorgeous Plus-Size Models

The world has truly become a wonderful place if a model can weigh more than two carrots and a tomato and not be called fat. While there’s still a whole lot of carrots-and-tomatoes models out there, we’ve also seen an influx of “plus size” models.