20 Most Outstanding Cosplays You’ve Ever Seen… Probably

People have wanted to be someone or something else since the dawn of time. Think of all the ancient masks and ceremonial garbs that were supposed to make us look like gods, monsters, or whatever else. And with the fairly recent (in the grand scheme of things) boom of multimedia, more and more people appreciating good stories and fun characters, it not surprising that cosplay has become so huge.

10 Absolutely Bonkers Facts About Kanye West

Hate him or love him, Kanye has become the epitome of 21st century fame and musical genius. He’s made a name for himself as a producer, rapper, fashion icon, fashion designer, and scandalous spokesman. From his breakout track, Jesus Walks, to his marriage to Kim K - every move Kanye makes hits the news. And yet, there are plenty of facts about Mr. West that are still difficult to wrap your head around.

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There’s still a lot we don’t know about mother Earth. Here are 10 baffling jungle mysteries scientists are still unable to solve.

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Even if you’re not a fan of shooting games, you’ve probably encountered some awesome weapons in your favorite RPG or quest. Here are the top 11 most iconic weapons from video games across several genres.

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The world of art is no stranger to the provocative projects or performances. These are 10 of the most controversial artworks and art projects of all time!

Crazy Ways Actors Prepared For Drug Addict Roles

Many of the Hollywood stars practiced method acting at least once or twice in their career. And it's a whole other story when you need to convince the audience that you're a drug addict, even if they've never seen one. This can be especially tricky, as actors can't just do drugs all day long to see how it feels. So how do they do it?

10 Stolen Pieces of Art That Have Never Been Found

Let’s take a look at some of these mysteriously disappeared works of art that could make you filthy rich if you happen to find them.

36 Genius Ways to Use LEGO

There are two kinds of people when it comes to LEGO: those who think “holy crap, this is the best thing ever! Imagine what one could use all these bricks for!”, or the sad old sags of bones without a single joy in their lives. LEGO sets aren't just toys, there are actually a lot of ways you can use these plastic bricks in your everyday life, and I'm gonna show you some of the coolest, and most ingenious of them.

Horrifyingly Mind-Blowing Makeup of Mimi Choi

Say hi to Mimi Choi, a 31 year old ex-pre-school teacher from Vancouver, who now spends almost every waking hour perfecting her fantastic makeup skills, transforming her face into a mix of Clive Barker's Hell raiser and the most mind-blowing Japanese horror manga.

This New Helix Tattoo Trend Is Spreading Like Wildfire! (28 pics)

So what's a helix? It's that thin curved outer part of the ear, where you used to wear all your weird earrings, but this brand new trend turns it into a tiny little canvas for simple yet classy tattoos.

The Last Standing Tribes of Earth

British photographer Jimmy Nelson spent the past three years visiting the most hard to access places on the planet to capture mind blowing photos of the last surviving tribes on Earth, and here are some images from the full series available on Amazon that will make you question your privileges.

Top 10 Most Unusual Celebrity Pets We’ve Ever Seen

Celebs have the means (and desire!) to get the most unusual animals and turn them into pets, so we could marvel at their ideas or, maybe, cross some of the animals out of our future-pet list. Here are 10 most unusual animals owned by celebrities.

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These Relatives Look So Much Alike They Might Secretly Be Time Travelers

Every once in a while, genetics does some amazing work. It seems to create a perfect copy of something it did a generation (or two) before, and the results can be quite stunning to look at.