30 Hilarious Cat Attack GIFs to Brighten Your Day

30 Hilarious Cat Attack GIFs to Brighten Your Day

Do you even need an intro for this? It’s basically cats being cats (as in “assholes”) and going JOHN CENA on everyone and everything! Enoy!



I’m the Juggernaut, b#tch!



As Lucio from Overwatch would put it: “Let’s break it down!”



What is this I see? A spider hand?



Rocky Balboa’s new pet is already better at boxing than you.



Orange you glad you’re watching this? (No, this doesn’t work for “lemon”)






That’s a door to an alternate dimension if I ever saw one.



What’s his problem? The other cat was too quiet?



Ahh, is there anything more satisfying than a sibling rivalry?



One day I’ll be just as focused and determined as this kitty.



What in the everloving fork is this about? It looks like a failed hit! Do cats have hitmen? And if they do, are they called “kitmen”?



Human, your farts are just too tasty!






Whatchoo say ‘bout my momma, ye heir of a dog?



Next time someone calls you a pigeon-brain, just show them this GIF.



If I had a left jab like that, I’d… probably still be watching funny cat GIFs on the Internet.



Goalkitty is definitely a keeper.



Those 2 lil’ fangs really make this for me.



Boop the snoot regardless of your size



Uhh, whoops, wrong door, I’ll see myself out – the dog, probably.



Extreme hugs!



Here you can see a common Felis Familiaris using the Force or an unsuspecting burglar.



Every year more people are killed by hired kitmen than of sudden shark attacks. And no, that’s not a typo.



Imma get’cha, human!



You’re NOT wearing that thing to school today!



8 Scratches are enough, slave. Now bring me food.



Never buy a cat in the bag.



This was the last thing Steve has seen in his life. Was it worth it? YOU BET!



When your singing is so bad the cat wants to kill you.



And for the big finale… Just look at that flailing technique! Gets me every time! :D

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