World’s Most Beautiful Festivals Dedicated To Animals

World’s Most Beautiful Festivals Dedicated To Animals

Animals have always been a part of people’s lives. Throughout history, animals have been helping people by providing work, food and a basic economy. Unfortunately, not all animals are treated with love and respect. Animal abuse still remains one of the greatest issues that needs to be resolved. Luckily, there are countries such as India and Thailand where animals have been traditionally considered sacred. In Hinduism, animals are key element of every religious ceremony. We rounded up four of the most prominent religion-themed events in Hindu culture that are all about animals and their significance for humanity.



Nepal’s Festival To Celebrate Dogs
There is an anual festival in Nepal that thanks dogs for being our friends. On this day, hundreds of dogs are showered with love and attention. It’s not only about the domestic dogs, but the stray ones as well. The dogs are offered garlands, tika (a mark on the forehead) and tons of delicious treats, all in an effort to express appreciation for their loyalty. Now, that’s how animals should be treated.











Elephant Festival In India
The Elephant Festival is an annual event organized according to the Indian calendar on the full moon day of Phalgun Purnima. The festival coincides with another Indian festival called Holi, which is celebrated all over the country and turn cities into a riot of color, fun and joy.
Elephants have always held an important place in the Indian culture and society. Elephants are part of many religious ceremonies and even weddings. The festival offers a great opportunity to see these majestic animals in all their beauty as they parade before you decorated with chunky elephant jewellery. Their bodies are painted with traditional Indian motifs, gold embroidered velvet rugs grace their backs. The whole idea of the festival is to celebrate the end of the rivalry between elephants and men.








The Monkey Buffet Festival In Thailand
This lovely festival is held annually in Lopburi, Thailand, at the Prang Sam Yot ‘monkey temple’. The buffet is the city’s way of thanking the monkeys for bringing tourist to the town. Every year the city spends a whole lot of money on fruits, vegetables and sodas to please the monkeys. You can actually be a witness to a monkey drinking cola directly from a can. However, there are some supporters who are not happy with the diet those monkeys have on that day.









The Pushkar Camel Fair In Rajasthan, India
For five days in November, the Pushkar town comes alive when hundreds of farmers and cameleers bring their finest livestock and camels for trading. When the trade is over and the best breeds are sold out, the real fun begins to happen. The camels get properly cleaned and dressed up for the party. Beautifully decorated camels parade while competing in a beauty contest and the best bedecked camel wins the prize.







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