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10 of the Most Controversial Artworks and Art Projects

The world of art is no stranger to the provocative projects or performances. These are 10 of the most controversial artworks and art projects of all time!

10 Stolen Pieces of Art That Have Never Been Found

Let’s take a look at some of these mysteriously disappeared works of art that could make you filthy rich if you happen to find them.

Horrifyingly Mind-Blowing Makeup of Mimi Choi

Say hi to Mimi Choi, a 31 year old ex-pre-school teacher from Vancouver, who now spends almost every waking hour perfecting her fantastic makeup skills, transforming her face into a mix of Clive Barker's Hell raiser and the most mind-blowing Japanese horror manga.

What If Disney Characters Were in the Game of Thrones?

Here's how the Disney characters would look like if they were in Game of Thrones.

Car Owners, Beware! 9 Crazy Photos of Cars Being ‘Vandalized’ by Art

Nikita Golubev, a young Russian artist, decided that the city could use some fresh street art. His amazing pieces of art can now be found all over Moscow, until the owners decide to wash their cars, that is. And the coolest thing about this? Anyone can 'donate' their car and suddenly become a work of art.

The 2017 Sony World Photography Awards Shortlist Has Some Amazing Pictures In It

It’s the best time of the year for people that are fans of Sony, photography or awards...

Artist with Synesthesia Sees Colors in Music and Paints 11 World Famous Songs

Melissa McCracken is a woman that can be considered both blessed and cursed. She grew up with a peculiar neurological condition called synesthesia that allowed her see colors where other people heard sounds. Here are 11 artworks inspired by various world famous songs. Can you guess the name just by looking at the picture?

10 Scandalous Books You Should Definitely Read Today

Here are 10 banned books you should definitely read today. And who knows, maybe they were banned for a reason?

9 Staggering Photos of Psychological Illnesses

What is it like to have an anxiety disorder? How can you describe it to someone that has never had an experience like that? Psychologist Douglas Amorim came up with an idea to create a photo essay that will tell the stories of his own patients and their suffering.

Ben Rubin Puts Monsters Next to Random People

Some artists really have that unique touch that separates them from the rest. Ben Rubin, owner of the Instagram page Subway Doodle, is one of those unique artists. He adds his own typical “monsters” to random pictures, most of them taken in the subway. While most of them are quite normal, some of them also have an element of social criticism to them.

Gorgeous Fashion Portraits You Can Actually Eat

Meet a famous fashion illustrator Edgar Artis. He is from Armenia and his creatives are not like the others’. What is so special about his illustrations? Edgar found a way to display his fashion works using real food.

20 Pictures That Reveal The Truth Behind Photography

If you still think that the art of photography is a simple thing and everyone can be a good photographer, you are so wrong. Ok we all can admit that in our digital era there are a lot of picture processing opportunities. You can perform a huge variety of 'doctoring' a photo to get the result you want to see. But today we’re are talking about photography as hard work - a discipline, that requires good planning, enough skills and time (and no Photoshopping as well) and above all patience.

6 Body Painters Who Blend Humans Into Surroundings

The projects you'll see below are stunning examples of symbiosis between painting, environment, and photography. Each element is working in conjunction with each other to complete an image.

25 Best Photographs Ever Taken Without Photoshop

These days to be a great photographer, one doesn’t need fancy cameras, amazing lighting equipment and years of studying the art of a good shot. No, today all you need is Photoshop skills to make any of your pictures win international awards. But today we wanna show you 25 amazing photographs that were taken without using Photoshop.

8 Surreal GIFs That Will Ignite Your Imagination

“As beautiful as the chance encounter of a sewing machine and an umbrella on an operating table.” André Breton, known best as the founder of Surrealism, referred to this line by Comte de Lautréamont a

Stunning Coffee Cup Manipulations by Witchoria

Do you like coffee? If so, do you prefer it black, with cream, maybe with some Irish whisky, or with a drop of raging sea or a slice of the ever-expanding galaxy?

15 Sexy Models Behind Classic Pinups

Here you can see those pinups side-by-side with the original photographs that inspired them.

What Ordinary People Eat Around the World (21 Photos by Peter Menzel)

Peter Menzel had one of the coolest ideas ever - traveling the world to see what ordinary people eat and take lots of pictures! That’s how many of his photographs ended up in a book titled “What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets”

Final Paintings of Well-Known Artists

Let’s take a look at the final paintings of some of the greatest artists to ever walk this Earth.

Beyond Beautiful: 15 Sculptures That Look Too Real To Be True

Here are 15 of the most fascinating sculptures ever created.

Affranchir La Ligne: Art That ‘Crossed the Line’

Art and movement are two things that go together really well and Eric Sauve has understood that from the very beginning of his art career. His latest work, though, is something entirely new. The Affranchir la Ligne art project is an inspiring mix of solid material and carefully executed twists and curves that evoke feelings of wonder and excitement.