15 Sexy Models Behind Classic Pinups

15 Sexy Models Behind Classic Pinups

Man, the 50’s were pretty neat, if you think about it. All thanks to those erotic illustrations from the golden age of pinups are astonishing. But even they pale in comparison with the photos they’re based on.

The legendary Gil Elvgren’s paintings depict women as slim, busty, and perfectly styled bombshells, when in reality, not all of the models were as perfect. As Marilyn Monroe used to say “imperfection is beauty”.

Long before computers, and Photoshop, these oil paintings were supposed to cover up all the imperfections, to make women look leggy, and seductive.



If you’ve ever seen an old pinup poster, it was probably painted by Gil Elvgren.

Women revealing their stockings, holding skirts, and doing all sorts of things to catch a man’s eye, were sometimes a bit too much, for the 1950’s.

Most of the people don’t even think twice about this, but he used actual models to pose for the pinup posters.



You can clearly see the similarities, as well as differences, and exaggerated features.

Those iconic nipped-in waists, pushed up breasts, elongated legs and the hairstyles now only seen in the old movies, were all designed to draw attention.

As you can see, compared to the actual models, the pinups are much sexier, and have more vivid facial features, but the poses are pretty much exactly the same.



What do you say? Are the pinup depictions hotter, or do you prefer the real deal? Drop your comments below!

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