25 Best Photographs Ever Taken Without Photoshop

25 Best Photographs Ever Taken Without Photoshop

These days to be a great photographer, one doesn’t need fancy cameras, amazing lighting equipment and years of studying the art of a good shot. No, today all you need is Photoshop skills to make any of your pictures win international awards. It somehow cheapens the value of those photos, in my opinion.
Then, of course, there are badass photographers who can frame a perfect shot with an old film camera and their eyes closed (metaphorically speaking), creating mesmerizing masterpieces, and capturing those magic moments showing the spectacular diversity of our modern life and the wild side of nature
Let me show you 25 of my favorite photographs that were taken without using Photoshop.



Hot tea plus shivering Arctic air equals real magic.


Imagine that this spinning tennis ball is the center of our galaxy…


An ancient temple covered in ash from the Ontake volcanic eruption, Japan



Where Nature meets civilization – Central Park, New York


This is how North Korea celebrated 100th anniversary of the birth of their founder, Kim Il-sung.


Welcome to the capital of Nopeland! Spider webs in Abernethy forest, Scotland.



Fascinating shot of a volcanic eruption in Iceland


The magestic freedom bird! … but in Canada.


Hotaru Ika AKA «firefly squids», Japan



It looks like some low-poly indie VR game, actually. But in reality this cool shot was taken in Namib Desert, Africa


A flock of Flamingos in the shape of a flamingo, Yucatan Peninsula


Can’t wait for the winter.



Interracial friendship – turtle and a butterfly.


Are we sure this spider wasn’t photoshopped here?


You might have heard of a Sharknado, but this “birdicane” is even worse! (mainly because it’s a real thing, so, you know…)



Someone call agents Mulder and Scully! Alien invasion in Charlotte, USA


Space is amazing! Selfie with comet, 290,000,000 miles from Earth (courtesy of the Rosetta probe).


This is how you do “fisheye” effect in Mahabalipuram, India



All it takes to make a masterpiece is a flashlight and a frozen lake.


That’s a ginormous wave! Oops, false alarm, that’s a mountain.


That crayfish is eating our planet! Oh, wait, it’s just a pot? Well, must have been one tasty crayfish…



A Statue of Christ covered with corals at the bottom of the Atlantic near Key Largo island, USA


I bet people living there each have their personal bomb shelters, because this looks like a bloody explosion!



Sunrise in Bushy Park, London. I still can’t believe this isn’t some sort of a digital painting…


And finally, Times Square, New York, USA. A stunning view from below.

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