Alien Toys by Maryana Kopylova

Alien Toys by Maryana Kopylova

The young artist from Kharkov (Ukraine) creates strange, mythical, but absolutely adorable, toys. Mariana Kopylova herself calls them “krakazyabras.” These big-eyed creatures look like aliens, or unknown forest spirits and dazzle with their uniqueness.

Every creature Mariana makes is unique, she doesn’t make any two that are exactly alike. Each has its own krakazyabra name and one and only  magical feature. The artist uses different materials and techniques to create her little aliens: molding of polymer clay and self-hardening plastic, papier-mache, dry felting wool and acrylic painting, New Zealand kardoches, metal accessories, glass stones and beads. Krakazyabras, made with great love, come alive as soon as they find their homes.



In addition to creating toys, Mariana also draws wonderful pictures. She started creating cute “Monsters” in 2010. But she always had an irrepressible imagination, as a child she sewed purple donkeys and other wonderful toys.



Looking at these charming toys it seems Mariana has some connection to space, her fancy is irresistible. Not only Krakazyabras have unique qualities, they have a power to charm, to absorb and inspire, they are not just toys, they are living creatures with spirit.



Tuovi. Snail shepherd.



Aeynu. The One who drives away bad dreams.



Akivni. The Windtalker.



Ammuntu. The Forest octopus.



The Guardian of the forest peace.



Atturi. The Catcher of the voices from other galaxies.



Niabo. The Owner of the snowy land.



The Keeper of the inland sea.



Youri. The One who warms trees in winter.



Soatu. The Keeper of the tree spirits.



Unnamed caretaker of ancient galaxy.



The Collector of morning dew.



The Guardian of the Solar Planet.



The Forest Dreamer.



Krakazyabra babies.



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