Amazing Coffee Stain Drawings by Carter Asmann

Amazing Coffee Stain Drawings by Carter Asmann

Like many artists, Carter Asmann is quite fond of coffee. Unlike most artists, he has found a perfect way to integrate this passion into his works.



The California-based photographer and illustrator creates his drawings around (or sometimes inside of) coffee stains.



The pictures are simple in concept but impressively detailed: birds and animals, flowers and household objects…



Cars, bicycles and motorcycles and a recurring theme: motorbikes in particular seem to be the artist’s passion.



What adds even more charm is the way Asmann presents the art in his photos. Most of them follow the same simple pattern: the drawing itself, a cup of coffee (supposedly the one responsible for the stains) and a pencil somewhere within the frame. And still no two pictures look the same.



Asmann also sells his art on his website, if you would like to purchase a print-out to hang on the wall.



Visit the artist’s Instagram or Tumblr to see more of his art and photos (seriously, do it: they are so very worth it!)

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