”My Room Project” – 20 Rooms Around the World

”My Room Project” – 20 Rooms Around the World

It’s the year 2010, and one very bold and talented South African-born photographer, John Thackwray, begins his epic journey across the world, to shoot his “My Room Project” (http://myroomphotos.com/the-project/) series. His first subject was his good friend in Paris, France. That’s when he set up a camera on the ceiling of his pal’s bedroom to capture the intimate details of his most private space and then they talked about the lifestyle and culture. Rinse and repeat! This way John has already visited over 50 countries and thousands of rooms in the past 6 years in each corner of the globe, meeting men and women of all races, and religions, no matter how rich or poor they were. From Paris, Teheran, and Dali, to New York, and Novosibirsk.
John focused exclusively on people born in the 80s and 90s, to capture the hopes, dreams, and cultural peculiarities of that generation. At first it was just a hobby for him, a way to travel the world, and learn about different cultures, but soon “My Room Project” became a real traveling exhibition! So let’s take a look at 20 rooms John deemed worthy of sharing with the public. Enjoy!



Istanbul, Turkey



Paris, France



Tokyo, Japan



Dali, China



New York, USA



Varanasi, India



Kathmandu, Nepal



La Paz, Bolivia



Teheran, Iran



Ha Selomo, Lesotho



Novosibirsk, Russia



Bucharest, Romania



Riyad, Saudi Arabia



Berlin, Germany



Ban Sai Ngam, Thailand



Chihuahua, Mexico



Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe



Durban, South Africa



Kingston, Jamaica



Dzhambul, Kazakhstan

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