Mysterious Frozen Bubbles By Hope Carter

Mysterious Frozen Bubbles By Hope Carter

Everyone adores bubbles! Their lightness and ephemeral nature captivates everyone. Have you ever wondered what happens when a delicate soap bubble is exposed to extremely cold temperatures?



Michigan-based photographer, Hope Carter decided to take advantage of some chilly days in an amazing way. She blew some bubbles in the freezing outdoors (between -9 and -12C), and discovered that they turn into marvelous crystal globes. She then took her camera and clicked the shutter before the crystallized bubbles disappeared. Hope produced a whole series of beautiful images and called it “Frozen Frosted Fun”.



It turns out the bubbles began to solidify almost immediately, so the photographer had to take the pictures quickly before they were gone, but Hope’s countless attempts and frozen hands were definitely worth the exquisite beauty of her shots. They result left her with beautiful images that are difficult to describe in words.



Magical frozen spheres look as if they are painted inside. Their patterns are even more beautiful in the golden setting sun that transforms the bubbles into mysterious glass orbs, made of crystal feathers. One of the most interesting aspects of each image is the play of light that makes some of the bubbles look like faraway planets from frozen extraterrestrial worlds. The photographer also manages to enhance the color of the bubbles with mini flashlights to deliver an utterly surreal and mesmerizing effect.



Hope admitted that there were no two bubbles alike. The unique forms and the element of surprise that she experienced had never ceased to astonish her. Thanks to her patience and curiosity, the photographer produced artwork illustrating the beauty of fragile ice sculptures. This proves that it is possible to make subtle art with the help of a cheap bubble solution.



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