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Stunning Coffee Cup Manipulations by Witchoria

Do you like coffee? If so, do you prefer it black, with cream, maybe with some Irish whisky, or with a drop of raging sea or a slice of the ever-expanding galaxy?

15 Sexy Models Behind Classic Pinups

Here you can see those pinups side-by-side with the original photographs that inspired them.

What Ordinary People Eat Around the World (21 Photos by Peter Menzel)

Peter Menzel had one of the coolest ideas ever - traveling the world to see what ordinary people eat and take lots of pictures! That’s how many of his photographs ended up in a book titled “What I Eat: Around the World in 80 Diets”

Final Paintings of Well-Known Artists

Let’s take a look at the final paintings of some of the greatest artists to ever walk this Earth.

Beyond Beautiful: 15 Sculptures That Look Too Real To Be True

Here are 15 of the most fascinating sculptures ever created.

Affranchir La Ligne: Art That ‘Crossed the Line’

Art and movement are two things that go together really well and Eric Sauve has understood that from the very beginning of his art career. His latest work, though, is something entirely new. The Affranchir la Ligne art project is an inspiring mix of solid material and carefully executed twists and curves that evoke feelings of wonder and excitement.

Geoffroy Mottart Decorates Statues With Flowers Because Why The Hell Not

All skepticism aside, Geoffroy Mottart's work is truly remarkable and will instantly change the average walk through Brussels into something magnificent and quirky.

Asia Bike Courier Face-off: China vs Vietnam

Bike couriers are pretty lame in western countries. It’s usually like a guy in a very professional and sturdy outfit driving around, well, my midnight pizza. Asia however, turns it up a notch or three.Now the real question is: which country has the best bike couriers/vendors? Is it China, known for having way too many people? Or is it Vietnam, known for beating the United States at warfare? Sounds like two tough opponents! Let’s take a look at our entries.

22 Portraits of Love Birds Kissing in the Streets of Paris

It’s not the first time Julien Nonnon has decorated the walls of Parisian buildings with art. He’s known for his projections of smartly-dressed safari animals that could be seen all over the city in September, 2015, and now he’s back with yet another project - Le Baiser - that involves lots of kissing people projected onto the walls of Paris.All in all there 100 kissing couples projected onto the walls of Parisian buildings. Juliene wants to inspire everyone to kiss!

Vanessa Paxton Captures Stunning Images of People’s Faces

Vanessa Paxton created a really unusual and fascinating project. The Jamaican photographer started it in 2011. Her project includes all female faces from different ethnicities, surrounded by a color.

7 Beautiful Photo Projects Showcasing “The Kiss”

Few could forget their first kiss, nor these two iconic images of couples kissing. Robert Doisneau managed to capture the most intimate moment in the history of photography, and Alfred Eisenstaedt’s i

Ghostly Teen Portraits By Yong Sung Heo

Using a traditional ink-and-wash technique, South Korean artist Yong Sung Heo creates haunting portraits of Korean teenagers blurring the line between reality and fantasy. The artist masterfully captu

Zhang Peng – The Creepiest Photographer Alive!

Zhang Peng is famous Chinese photographer, who makes the scariest photos ever. In 2006, he changed his style to become more creepy and gory. Through his photos, he tried to show us elements that have

Amazing Coffee Stain Drawings by Carter Asmann

Like many artists, Carter Asmann is quite fond of coffee. Unlike most artists, he has found a perfect way to integrate this passion into his works.  The California-based photographer and illustr

Consumed China by Richard John Seymour

Yiwu Commodity City located in Zhejiang province. It’s the most unique commodity wholesale market in the world. The newest trends, ideas, designs and more will be found right here. This industrial cit

Beautifully Haunting GIFs Created By Blind Artist George Redhawk

This article may be marked as NSFW, since you can look at these GIFs, created by the American artist, for hours. George Redhawk aka DarkAngelØne creates mesmerizing versions of his favorite paintings

Uncomfortable Sunburn Portraits By Thomas Mailaender

French artist Thomas Mailaender took the old concept of the body as a canvas to a whole new artistic level with his project entitled ‘Illustrated People’. In this series, he masterly combines perfor

German Artist Mike Dargas and His Amazing Hyper-Realistic Paintings

Hyperrealism as an art style, characterized by highly detailed paintings indistinguishable at first sight from high resolution photographs, has been gaining popularity around the world. his art form f

Meet Red Hong Yi – An Amazing Artist from Malasia!

A Malaysian artist and architect, Red Hong Yi, is known for her unique technique of creating portraits of iconic people. Instead of using paints, canvas and brushes, she resorts to more unconventional

Mysterious Frozen Bubbles By Hope Carter

Everyone adores bubbles! Their lightness and ephemeral nature captivates everyone. Have you ever wondered what happens when a delicate soap bubble is exposed to extremely cold temperatures?  Mich

Disturbing Human-Nature Hybrids By Cal Redback

French digital artist Cal Redback has splendid skills in digital photography, and he’s fond of manipulating human bodies using Photoshop to play with the viewer’s psyche and emotions. The young man ha