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Meet Red Hong Yi – An Amazing Artist from Malasia!

A Malaysian artist and architect, Red Hong Yi, is known for her unique technique of creating portraits of iconic people. Instead of using paints, canvas and brushes, she resorts to more unconventional

Mysterious Frozen Bubbles By Hope Carter

Everyone adores bubbles! Their lightness and ephemeral nature captivates everyone. Have you ever wondered what happens when a delicate soap bubble is exposed to extremely cold temperatures?  Mich

Disturbing Human-Nature Hybrids By Cal Redback

French digital artist Cal Redback has splendid skills in digital photography, and he’s fond of manipulating human bodies using Photoshop to play with the viewer’s psyche and emotions. The young man ha

Junk Gets a Second Life as Gorgeous 3D Animal Street Art

The Disposing of trash on our old planet Earth has become one of the most pressing problems that we face. The governments of developed countries spend billions of dollars on various recycling programs

Vartan Garnikyan: When Batman Pop Art Meets Classic Paintings

Los Angeles-based artist Vartan Garnikyan is a huge classic arts fan. This talented maestro learns from the best, like Vincent van Gogh and Leonardo da Vinci. But he is also a big fan of today’s super

Alien Toys by Maryana Kopylova

The young artist from Kharkov (Ukraine) creates strange, mythical, but absolutely adorable, toys. Mariana Kopylova herself calls them “krakazyabras.” These big-eyed creatures look like aliens, or unkn

Zolaq’s Ultimate Use of Accentuating Light In His Fantasy Photography

Where will you be when the darkness arrives? In a world of contemporary art where traditional forms of art don’t impress the critics and everything seems outdated, Zolaq’s light painting is something

3D Collaged Figures Encased In Glass By Dustin Yellin

Most of us, probably all of us, at least once in a lifetime picked up some tiny things that caught our eyes, as we walked by. Beautiful leaves and seashells, lovely bits of paper or sea glass, pebbles

6 Impressive Projects That Turn Botany Into Art

Azuma Makoto is a botanical artist that creates magnificent floral installations where the plants would not be sustainable in a natural environment. Water, ice, and even space serve him as unparallele

Apocalyptic Animal Kingdom Of Simen Johan

Simen Johan’s ongoing photography series, “Until the Kingdom Comes” is the one that he started in 2005 featuring terrific portraits of animals that blend artificiality and naturalism. The artist const

”My Room Project” – 20 Rooms Around the World

Photographer John Thackwray doesn't spend much time in his bedroom. Wanna know why? Because his photography project “My Room Project” became a real traveling exhibition for him! So let's take a look at 20 rooms John deemed worthy of sharing with the public. Enjoy!

Amazing GIFs By 25th Century Artists

“Deep Discovery” is the name of a new and the latest creative series of animated double-exposure photos. The project is found by Lucas Ighile and Ayla El-Moussa - two visual artists that have been sharing their works in the Internet since 2009.