10 Weirdest-Looking Examples of Modern Chinese Architecture

Huge factories, countless mines, sewing factories and assembly lines – all of these are not the only things the modern China is known for. There are also fascinating architectural projects that look as if they've been built by aliens. Like, seriously, look at those photos!

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Palaces of Self-Discovery: Amazing Libraries Across Europe

Libraries are considered to be very solitary places and the best way to escape from pretty much everything. It's with this idea that French photographer Thibaut Poirier made the series “Palaces of Self-Discovery”. He traveled across Europe and took pictures of some of the finest libraries he could find, both classical and modern.

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Giants Walk the Earth in Breathtaking Urban Project

These hundred-and-fifty-foot-tall pylon figures may look like props left behind by a science fiction crew at an abandoned movie set, but can you guess the practical purpose behind them?  If you not

Must-See Gaudi Buildings

Every visitor of Barcelona notices an indelible imprint of creativity and enigmatic wizardtry. Antoni Gaudi is responsible for the unique, defining architectural style of the capital of Catalonia. G

Wat Rong Khun – The White Temple in Thailand

Thailand is a country of temples. Some of them are similar to each other, but White Themple is absolutely unique, unbelievable and frankly, just miraculous construction. Here’s 15 facts about Wat Rong

Dancing with Dandelions

If you’re a fan of elves, fairies and other mysteries from the woods you definitely will like these outstanding sculptures which were created by talented sculpturist Robin Wight. A UK Based artist Wig

Adobe Stock Apparel Is The Best Thing Ever

Remember those weird, downright horrible stock photos that are very often turned into memes? Well, Adobe just released a clothing line with nothing but those pictures. Because why the hell not.

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10 Amazing Fountains From Around the World

Some of the modern fountains look crazy with conceptual elements in design; others are simply huge and beautiful, reminiscent of nature’s majestic geysers and waterfalls. Here’s a list of fountains from all over the world that will take your breath away.

Mario Botta’s Mountain Church

Mario Botta's Mountain Church is now known worldwide and is a must-visit for those traveling in the Maggia Valley. Small but impossibly beautiful, it only seats about 15 people, but again proves that you can find unbelievably cool things in the most unexpected places! Don’t forget to add it to your must-visit list if you going to be visiting Switzerland.