Dancing with Dandelions

Dancing with Dandelions

If you’re a fan of elves, fairies and other mysteries from the woods you definitely will like these outstanding sculptures which were created by talented sculpturist Robin Wight. A UK Based artist Wight has a fascinating and unique talent as a metal sculptor. By using primarily stainless steel wire he creates lively and beautiful fairy sculptures that seem to be dancing with huge dandelions.






Wight is very open about describing in detail the whole process of creating his fairies. The main material is thick-gauge and thin-gauge steel wire.  He uses thick to create the skeleton of the sculpture and thin wire forms the muscles. Inside each sculpture he hides a stone ‘heart’.





Wight’s main source of inspiration are woods and trees.  Remember, how often you catch yourself thinking this tree looks like a silhouette of a living creature? Just like Mother-Nature Wight creates his own masterpieces.





If you want to see his marvelous sculptures visit





For those who want to create fairy sculptures by themselves Wight can send you a Fantasywire Starter Kit. In the kit you will find stainless steel wire, combination pliers, a steel base for the sculpture and of course the detailed instructions in how to create your own fairy. It costs only £30 (about $45.00).


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