Oh, How the Tables Have Turned!

Oh, How the Tables Have Turned!

If you’re reading this, you’re probably using a table or a desk. And I’ll bet your $10 your desk is really boring (just like mine), but what if I told you that there are tables and desks out there than will boggle your mind?
Yeah, you heard me right, mind-blowing furniture! Each one of these tables is a magnificently designed masterpiece with a unique look and some of them have that extra functionality we all need sometimes.
If you’re a big interior buff, prepare to be amazed and get (at least) a few unusual coffee table ideas for your living room. Surely, your guests will love your extravagant sense of style. Let’s go!



Crystal Table
You can tell everyone it’s a Pink Floyd tribute. Everyone likes Pink Floyd!



Picnic Table
This dining table has everything you need: grass, earth, probably bugs, maybe even flowers. I bet you can make a mini garden out of it with potatoes, and stuff.



Ghost Cloth Table
SpooOOooky tables are the best, but I feel like this one wouldn’t survive for too long.



Kraken Table
Unleash the table kraken!



Giant Helix Table
If you put your ear to it would it sound like half an ocean?



Ocean Coffee Table
This is art.



Liquid Water Table
Best present for an LSD enthusiast.



Swing Set Table
I see at least three design flaws, but hey, you can sit on a swing while eating your favorite food!



Beach Table
Again, don’t know why, but it’s a thing. There’s absolutely “nothing” wrong with this concept. Especially if you have a cat or two. Oh boy, can you imagine the smell?



Cat-friendly Table
It’s also awesome for ferrets, small birds and hamsters. Just don’t forget to clean up the poop.



Grass Table
Demo version of the above-mentioned potato table.



Best Cat Hammock
To be fair, any table is a cat table, really, whether you like it or not.



That’s just one of those puns I have to make.



Pool/Dining Table
Horribly impractical, yet I’d absolutely buy one.



Inception Table
Bending realities one New York at a time!



Moon Table
Another artsy table.



Ocean Abyss Table
Reminds me of Minecraft for some reason.



Table Made out of Computer Parts
Need some extra RAM? How about a new motherboard? This coffee table’s got you covered.



Naked Slave Table
Your personal naked slave will do anything you tell her, as long as you tell her to act as a coffee table. You perv.



Wooden Hemisphere
Because why wouldn’t your table, where you put coffee, tea, beer etc., be a wobbly hemisphere?



Mixtape table
Whatever you do, do NOT drop it, or it will burn your house down!



Engine table
A mechanical heart of a defeated beast.



Aquarium table
This would be fun, until you’d realize you’d have to clean fish poo every day.



Surface Tension Arcade Games High-tech Table
Perfect gift for any gamer with enough room.



Bookmark Table
Like reading multiple books at once? Well, first of all – eww, weirdo! Secondly, I got something for you.

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