This House Was Built On A Cliff, You Won’t Believe The Inside…

This House Was Built On A Cliff, You Won’t Believe The Inside…

Thinking about living on the edge? Two Greek architects created a literally ground-breaking project of a house hidden in a cliff overlooking the Aegean Sea. Called Casa Brutale – Rough House – and designed as a poetic homage to simple and cold brutalist style that was popular in the 1950-1970s, this unique house penetrates the landscape and sets the pattern of a harmonious coexistence of architecture and nature.



Laertis Antonios Ando Vassiliou and Pantelis Kampouropoulos, the guys behind this project, count the Aegean Sea as the main source of their inspiration. This is why the entire façade of the house is covered from top-to-bottom in glass. It is poetically exposed to the sea and offers one-of-a-kind visual experience for those who would spend holidays in this villa.







It’s not just the unparalleled seascape views that make Casa Brutale stand out. Fans of conceptual solutions will appreciate the design of its roof as well. It is in fact a translucent pool, made of reinforced glass. It serves as an enormous window that diffuses the light, softens the harsh surfaces of three concrete walls that define the living space, and creates dreamlike patterns of waves on the walls.





The creators of this incredible house believe that it will channel the rhythm and beauty of the surrounding nature, and it will stimulate the senses and evoke emotions. Unpretentious, yet extremely stylish, it is a monolithic combination of concrete, glass and wood that allows different elements of nature interact with each other.





Currently, the designers of Casa Brutale are looking for an investor who is ready to spend 1 million Euros to make this fantasy come true. Daniel Craig must be high on the list. This jaw-dropping residence would perfectly match the suave, yet rough style of his legendary on-screen alter ego.



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