Average Guy Photoshops Himself Sleeping With Celebrities And It’s Hilarious

verage Rob, a fellow Belgian, has taken it upon himself to photoshop himself next to celebrities. You’d think that’s pretty standard, right? Well, he’s sleeping in all of the pictures, so it’s pretty damn hilarious.

14 Hilarious Comics Made By Women You Need To Follow Right Now

Female comic writers (and drawers) are funny, witty and come out with the most exquisite puns. Here are 14 hilarious comics created by women you need to follow right now.

12 People Looking Ridiculously Photogenic In Uncomfortable Situations

Have you ever had a photo of you taken without knowing you were being photographed? Yeah, it's totally hideous, I've seen it too. My point is, 99.9% of all “spontaneous” photos suck. And think of all the viral paparazzi shots. None of those show the celebs in a good light.But it's not why you're here. You're here because you want to see that 0.01% of ridiculously photogenic people, right?

21 Most Hilarious Reactions To “Sad Pope Meeting The Trumps”

Here are some of the most hilarious reactions to “Sad Pope meeting the Trumps”.

What is #Confefe And Why Is It Trending?

Thank you, President Trump for enriching our boring lives with new memes! If you frequent Twitter (or any other social media website), you may have seen people randomly saying #confefe. So what is it? What was Trump trying to say when talking about the “negative press”? What was this typo initially?

20 Most Outstanding Cosplays You’ve Ever Seen… Probably

People have wanted to be someone or something else since the dawn of time. Think of all the ancient masks and ceremonial garbs that were supposed to make us look like gods, monsters, or whatever else. And with the fairly recent (in the grand scheme of things) boom of multimedia, more and more people appreciating good stories and fun characters, it not surprising that cosplay has become so huge.

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These Clever Guerilla Marketing Examples Prove You Don’t Need A Big Budget

First of all: guerilla marketing has nothing to do with fighting in tunnels in Vietnam. It’s a new form of marketing where you essentially use wits and humor over huge budgets and professional commercials. Stores small and large have been using this inexpensive marketing method to attract their customer’s attention to great success.Let’s take a look at some of the best guerilla marketing examples.

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In order to not destroy the process of your fail-appreciation, we’ve collected a few “right before disaster strikes” pictures. Enjoy!

The 20 Most Useless Things People Never Asked For

You know what the word “essential” means? Something absolutely necessary, extremely important. So basically, it's the stuff you will NOT see in this gallery. What you will see, however, is a bunch of super useless things, that should not exist, yet someone out there thought they should. So, here are 20 most useless things people never asked for!

20 People Who Took Signs TOO Literally

Here are 20 people who took signs way too literally. Have fun!

Simple Problems – Simple Solutions (23 Pics)

You cannot even comprehend what the human genius can accomplish when push comes to shove. Things break all the time, and these modern-day heroes were gifted with the best power of them all – the power to fix stuff. Sadly, at times their fixing just looks too stupid. Let's have a look at these prodigies!

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These 23 text conversations between fathers and their kids are so bad you can't help but love them. Let's roll out!

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22 Of The Weirdest Thrift Store Items

Today we present to you 24 of the weirdest thrift store items! Proceed at your own risk.

CR7’s Bust Is A Pure Work Of Art

We are pretty sure Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t expect this bust to become so popular, so quickly...