12 Funniest Spanglish Memes

12 Funniest Spanglish Memes

Have you ever been in a situation where you begin a sentence in English y termino en español? Congratulations, you probably speak fluent Spanglish! Must be hard for your friends and family to understand you properly, when you switch back-and-forth between English and Spanish, but you still love doing it anyway, because it’s fun, and it’s how our brains are wired when we know multiple languages.
Now let’s check out 12 memes every Spanglish speaker will definitely relate to.



When you don’t know a word in Spanish, so you say it in English instead…



I don’t see a problem with this one.



Some archeologist will mighty confused one day, when he finds the “ancient meme scrolls” all in Spanglish.



You’re lucky I don’t speak Spanish, or I’d vapulear a alguien!



Hey, hey, easy, ese! No puedo!



Every office should be like this. It’s way more fun than pure English or Spanish.



Wish I could come up with something this comico.



Typical Spanglish ad, nothing to see here.



Sea what they did there?



What if soy milk is just regular milk introducing itself in Spanish?



It’s más grande on the interior.



Is it embarazada, or embarazoso?

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