15 Disturbing Inanimate Objects Staring at You

15 Disturbing Inanimate Objects Staring at You

Ever had a feeling like someone’s watching you? Well, you might be less crazy than you think! And the saying “walls have ears” is a bit more literal too. They also have eyes and mouths if you really look closely. Not only walls, though! Lots of stuff around you may resemble funny, angry, or creepy faces, and when you see them… Oh boy, welcome to the nut house!
Is your backpack following your every move? What about those two windows across your house? Don’t they look suspicious? I’m telling you, man, I ain’t crazy! And there are more… way more than you can handle. See for yourself!



Eyo, punk! Got a few bucks for a crook bag?



I feel grate, man!



The legendary Urban Sentinels still standing strong. Watching… Waiting…



They’ve seen some weird sh$t!



Don’t know why but this looks like a duck. A big-eyed smiling duck.



Yay! We’re going on a road trip! :P



The 2-year-old was not kind to Stephen the Sphere.



It’s just a random house. Nothing more. Don’t freak out. I SAID DON’T FREAK OUT!






He does look like his name would be «Duress».



Is that a Nissan dashboard? I don’t know if it’s racist but this black AC looks Asian!



So does this white clock D:



I feel so hollow inside… Fill me out with your stuff!



I’m 99% sure this is a Pokemon. Or will be one soon.



And for the big finish… here ‘s the happiest lil’ basket in the world.

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