15 Most Bizarre Hotel Requests (that Were Actually Fulfilled )

15 Most Bizarre Hotel Requests (that Were Actually Fulfilled )

Remember how in Home Alone 2 Kevin managed to sign himself into a fancy hotel room, and then did all the crazy jumping, running and grooming? Yeah, a nice hotel room will sometimes give you this feeling of freedom to do things you’d never do at home. Then there are some people who go even one step further and send their ridiculous requests to the hotel staff prior to their arrival. Thankfully, the staff are really great at what they do, so they did exactly what was asked of them.
Take a look at some of the craziest hotel requests left by the visitors, that were actually fulfilled by the hotel staff.



Can’t blame this man, a pillow fort it timeless!



The towel Dumbo is a bit of an overkill, but they still did it.



I feel like this is some old in-joke.



*heavy breathing*



Roses are red,
This Dino is plastic
That’s one weird request
But this hotel is fantastic



Welcome to the danger zone!



1/10, not a stegosaurus



Is that JackSepticEye?



I wonder where they’d send him if he asked for a shot from the “Wicker Man”



Your wish is our command.



Next time just ask for a million dollars instead of “I’d like a drawing of a dinosaur”.



Bacon and M’s!



Is it weird to order a picture of a horse saying “hello”? It’s pretty weird, right?



Blanket fort – check. “No girls allowed” – check. Towel elephant – double check!



When you ask for a camel in your room and the hotel staff actually delivers.

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