15 Times Pokemon Go Went Too Far

15 Times Pokemon Go Went Too Far

Pokemon Go is one of the most popular online and offline game of 2016. It’s not a secret that this game is viral. Everyone wants to catch a new Pokemon in the streets, people walk around the city like an army of zombies with smartphones in their hands. At the same time this game is really funny, and it will make you move non-stop while other games will keep you at home. It’s insane, but take a look at the most ridiculous cases when people were trying to catch the Pokemons.



1. Nice location, what kind of Pokemon is this?



2. That awkward moment when the police are going to catch you while you are hunting for some Pokemons.



3. Wow…something went wrong over here



4. Here comes the unexpected…someone is looking for Pokemons in the strip club, go go Pokemons everywhere



5. Now you are drinking, but not alone.



6. When you girl is on fire, but you are too busy catching some of these beasts



7. Oh, yeah…this Pokemon is looking for some tight hug.



8. Someone please tell him that it’s not his cousin, anyway…



9. A wife is going to bring another Pokemon into this world… a cutie is going out



10. When you found a Pokemon in the hood…at the same time you can get in trouble with some local thugs…



11. Pikachu is swagging and saucin’, gangsters like Pokemons too, the best way to improve your style



12. Fast food restaurant is that place where Pokemons eat, right? Just kidding, but it’s a good try



13. A road full of cars is a logical place where you should look for Pokemons.



14. Liquor store? Really? Here you can find only some Drunkemons, but no Pokemons!



15. Childrens’ playground… Some people will look at you suspiciously like what are you doing here, buddy!?!

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