16 Of The Hottest Mugshots You’ve Ever Seen

16 Of The Hottest Mugshots You’ve Ever Seen

Sometimes people go against the law for their horrible deeds. We don’t know much about their true motives and what makes them cross the line. Some of these felons look too cute to be criminals and maybe in some cases they deserve a better life. In these photos you will see beautiful women who look like models.
Their mug shots caused a huge stir, the Internet users fell in love with their natural beauty and charm. We would like to see these women on the cover of fashion issues rather than in jail, but there are some things we can’t change.
Anyway after getting so much hype some of these girls will still have a chance to rock the red carpet in designer outfits and become positive role models. So let’s take a closer look at these sexy mug shots of the hottest female criminals.



She doesn’t look like a criminal, her charismatic smile and beautiful eyes say she did a big mistake.



This girl looks like a model or a VIP GF of some not deserving dude, she has her makeup done perfectly. This is one of the best mug shots ever.



It seems like she doesn’t regret of what she did. Her face emotions said it all.



Here is another girl with stunning hairstyle and cute face, a real show stopper.



When the judge will see her brilliant smile he will probably say ‘Not Guilty’



This female felon might be taken as some Hollywood star, just imagine her on the cover of Vogue magazine.



Rihanna is that you? Her sophisticated look speak louder than words. A good girl gone bad.



If she’s not the hottest female crook, then who is? Next time she won’t drive drunk. Hope she will learn the lesson.



See the craziness in her eyes, she’s down for whatever, this young model is a Jack in the box.



She looks too nice to be guilty. But don’t believe the black eyes, it’s a trap!



She overwhelmed everybody with her innocent smile, what has she done? Broke somebody’s heart?



This daddy’s girl made a lot of poor decisions, her mug shot will make you shed a tear.



Well, well, well, a cutie is in trouble again. She looks like a typical Beverly Hills housewife, we think her biggest crime was stealing a makeup kit in the nearest beauty store.



Her natural look overwhelmed a million men, hard to believe that she did something horrible, just take a closer look at her angelic face.



She looks like a sexy TV star of some cooking show, but don’t let her beauty fool you.



I wonder if the cops asked her for an autograph cause she looks exactly like Taylor Swift

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