18 Incredibly Cringeworthy Couple Tattoos

18 Incredibly Cringeworthy Couple Tattoos

If you’re one of those couples who like to show their affection publicly, but french kissing and light petting just don’t cut it for you anymore, and you still want to make everyone around you barf every time they see you, just repeat after these couples – get cringeworthy tattoos! You’ll see people unfriend you on Facebook faster than you can say “Suicide Squad was actually a pretty fun movie” but that’s fine, they’re just jealous of your love!
Anyway, it’s better enjoy these tattoos from afar, they’re like the Adam Sandler movies – the more you look at them, the harder you cringe.



Honey, would you rather be SUMT or OLAE?



At least they didn’t go for the forehead scar.



Awww, it’s a heart! *blegh*



Nothing shows affection like Mickey and Minnie



What even does it mean?






The left one should say “I’m a moron”



I hope the picture is flipped, otherwise you’re gonna be unlocking a lung instead of the heart.



Classy, because these are “cryptic” Roman numerals



This looks fishy.



Hello Kitty suddenly got dark.



Well, at least they like Pokemon!



Yup, it says “hands” on her hand. Brilliant.



This is why you think before you ink. What once was a chuckle, will now forever be a lame pun.



Well, at least they’ll die young.



Again, that’s not where the heart is.



Ball is full of lane? Lone? Stop this cursive nonsense!



Is it just me or do these look a bit too phalic?

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