20 Freakiest Costumes to Try This Halloween

20 Freakiest Costumes to Try This Halloween

Halloween is upon us and the best way to celebrate it is to put on the freakiest costume ever! Why do people do this? Well, because it’s fun, and you might accidentally scare away a demon or two if you believe in that kind of things. As the legend goes, on the Halloween eve the realm between the world of the living and the world of the dead, spirits, demons (and probably dead demons) becomes so thin that some of them can get out and roam around a bit in the human realm. Horrifying masks and costumes are worn as protection from those nasty beings. If you look like one of them, perhaps you could all just become friends. Or no. Anyway, the scarier you dress for Halloween – the better! Here are a few ideas for you to try this time.



Nothing says ‘don’t come near me’ like a costume with a torn off face. Seriously, looking like this, you’ll scare away even the mighty Devil himself!



Zipper Face
Reveal a little bit of your ‘inner world’ by installing a simple zipper onto your face. With a considerable amount of makeup, you’ll turn into the scariest undead-ish being ever!



Soul Reaper
If you want to mingle with the otherworldly crowd – this is the best way to do it! Get into the costume of a frightening Soul Reaper and you’re good to go.



Pale Man
This creature is one of the sickest beings that have ever been created on screen. We should thank Guillermo del Toro and use him as a Halloween inspiration. This costume looks truly mind-blowing!



The Baby Man
While this one may not be the scariest costume of the bunch, but it sure is incredibly freaky. Where do people even get ideas like this?



The Faun
Guillermo del Toro is truly one of the greatest horror makers of today. His Faun looks both creepy and gorgeous in a freaky way. This costume is a must!



The Pregnant Woman
This one is downright horrifying and you will definitely get in trouble if you wander the city dressed like this. But it sure is freaky and you’ll probably get photographed a lot. Don’t try this if you’re a guy, though.



The Mummy
Mummies never get old. Well they do in a way, but you know, the idea is always ‘fresh’. You’ll probably end up folding into a lot of bandages, weird materials and freaky-cloths, but it’s worth the effort. Mummies are cool!



The Butcher
It’s a classical look that always works great. Put on some bloody clothes, attach some hooks and knives to your hands, use some freaky makeup – and voila! You go out and scare the hell out of people.



The Zombie
Go old-school, go zombie! This look was inspired by the Walking Dead, and we must say it really does look like one of the creatures from the show. Yikes!



There’s something really twisted about a face that has no mouth (or eyes, or nose for that matter). So if you want to really freak out dozens of people, this idea is the best one so far. Plus it’s easy to do!



Silent Hill Nurse
Silent Hill has introduced some of the scariest creatures to the public, both in the game and on big screen. This creepy nurse is a real stuff of nightmares!



The Eye Thing
Whether it’s a many-eyed demon or just some reality glitch, this makeup looks super cool and has ‘freaky’ written all over it. You don’t even have to do something else, this look alone will turn you into a walking and talking horror.



The Eyeless Girl
This one is among the most disgusting looks we’ve encountered so far. But because it’s so disturbing, it’s really great for Halloween. But only if you are ready to roam the city with a hole in your head. It’s kind of too much.



A Demoness
Female demons like to party too! You’ll probably need more than a few hours of makeup to achieve this look, but it’s really worth the effort. This demon chick looks ready to have fun (as in scare hundreds of people to death).



This Venom-inspired Halloween costume is the real deal! It’s amazing what you can achieve with some paints and a few props. It’s too realistic to be true!



The Messed-up Mouth
We don’t really know what to call this thing, but it sure does look disturbing. Installing razors into your mouth is a great idea if you want to scare away a demon or two.



The Freaky Doll
Creepy dolls will always top the list of the scariest creatures that haunt our dreams. This ragdoll look is among the most frightening ideas for Halloween.



The Disfigured Freak
This look was inspired by the Left 4 Dead game, and we must admit it looks great and will probably make hundreds of people run away screaming with fear.



El Diablo
Nothing beats the costume of the Devil himself. This Diablo-inspired look is one of the most spine-tingling costumes ever created.

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