20 People Having a Way Worse Day Than You

20 People Having a Way Worse Day Than You

So you think you’re having a really bad day because you failed to get a morning coffee, or you stepped into a puddle in your brand new white shoes? Hah! It’s nothing but a mere nuisance, compared to what other people have experienced. Of course, not talking about the actual horrible stuff that can happen, because that would be messed up.
Here are 20 people having a really crappy day! Hope this makes you feel better.



What’s worse: Nutella not getting into your mouth or spending an hour trying to clean it off?



Sometimes you don’t want to double tap.



Well, at least it should keep the cat busy.

*hint-hint* Time to hit a gym *nudge-nudge*



And that’s $2000 not spent on beer. Shame.



How do you clean up this mess? Easy! Just let the dogs in *woof! Woof-woof-woof!*



A bride crying on a subway. The most horrible of days.



They were only supposed to change the oil!

This is what happens when they “lose your baggage”.



I hope you like your eggs spicy!



Someone here doesn’t know what an instant message is.



What do you do in this situation? Probably divorce your wife, torch the car, change your name and go live to Canada.



That’s my childhood fear right there, but without the scary clowns chasing you.

You can almost hear the “NOPE!”



It’s fine, the snow will just thaw away in spring… and we’ll buy a new car.



Ewwww… it is not a joke!



F@ck this car in particular.



– Your father tried to escape.
– What do you mean escape? My father is DEAD!
– …

When your pizza becomes a portal to the Upside Down.



Be thankful you didn’t have any Menthos lying around.

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