20 Random People Caught Publicly in Awkward Positions

20 Random People Caught Publicly in Awkward Positions

Have you ever seen someone dozing off on a plane or on the street, or better yet on the subway? Yeah, all the drooling and the snoring is just so awkward to watch but you can’t even imagine how creative some people get with their body positions when it comes to taking naps in public.



1) After a long night of partying, even a trash bucket will feel like the softest bed stuffed with angel feathers.



2) And the award for “Incredibly Awkward Group Kiss” goes to… China! Are they kissing or have the ladies fallen asleep because someone mentioned Kim Kardashian’s reality show?



3) Everyone, shut up about the Kardashians already! Can’t you see you’re boring China to death?



4) Meanwhile, on the opposite end of the world: this is why subway seats need air bags…



5) … and the seats should be as big as beds.



6) Because if public transport had those big comfy beds…



7) … We wouldn’t have to put up with people like her,



8) Or these guys,



9) Or these two! For God’s sake, people, get a bloody room!



10) Take a look at this dude, missing his flight. I bet this wouldn’t happen if he could use one of those comfortable subway beds on his way to the airport.



11) By the way, if you thought only adults can play the Awkward Sleeping Position game, you are so wrong. These kids don’t even care what’s going on around them. Is there a fire? A tornado warning? Someone playing with their toys? Zero ducks were given that day.



12) “Look, ma’, I fell off my ZZZZZZzzzzzz” – Don’t sleep and drive, kids, or you’re gonna end up just like her!



13) Remember that time when you were so drunk all you could remember was that your ass hurt like hell? Don’t worry, you didn’t eat extra spicy tacos all night, your friends just used your butthole as a golf tee.



14) Back to reality: who started talking about the Kardashians again? You know damn well the Chinese can’t handle that! At least take it outside and don’t forget to wash your mouth.



15) Seriously, can’t you see this bench is taken?



16) Probably not the best idea to doze off hanging on your back like a washed sheet. What if it rains? You’d be all soaked!



17) Oh, yes, that’s a much better place to catch some Z’s! It even has some live acapella music on Sundays.



18) I suppose if everything else fails, you can use one of those phone booths, tie your legs behind your back and use the screams of random people looking at your contorted body as a lullaby.



19) Even dogs get distorted from time to time! It’s like the nature’s way of saying “whatever, I’ll just sleep with my butt on my head, no big deal”.



20) Last but not least – cat tax!

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