20 Things Only People Who Were Raised By A Mexican Mom Will Understand

20 Things Only People Who Were Raised By A Mexican Mom Will Understand

Mexican moms are brutally honest and don’t give a crap about subtlety. Sometimes when you did something wrong, you were scared for your life. But despite all that you still loved her and those homemade tortillas and tamales, right?
If you were raised by a Mexican or Mexican-American mom, you will have some fun reminiscing about your childhood. Queue the memes!



Unless you have a death wish!



Ah, yes, the good old “carrot and stick”, but without the carrot.



Mom, I don’t think you know what you’re really saying…



And don’t even try to prove her wrong.



Was this painting in your kitchen somewhere? It probably was.



And you also had a bag full of bags, didn’t you?



And now you know where the word “pantry” came from.



Oh, you got nothing to do, mijo? Just give me a second.



Tamales all day every day!



Tough love is the best love.



Broke your leg? You don’t need a doctor, let me get VapoRub!



Physics, math, and grammar won’t put food on your table, mijo. Get back to work!



Just in case you forgot about the tamales…



Oh the horrors! Oh the humanity!



To be fair, it IS still good if you don’t eat the moldy stuff.



I’m literally drooling like a hungry dog, whenever I hear someone’s making chile



So that’s what those were actually for?



Imagine if you did that during her telenovela… *shivers*



Don’t let all that meat go to waste, cabron!



No work – no food!

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