21 Most Hilarious “How People Shower” Memes

21 Most Hilarious “How People Shower” Memes

Sometimes Vines go viral, and when they do, you’re gonna see the memes everywhere. And I mean literally every-where – imgur, reddit, buzzfeed, your local newspaper, that guy who speaks funny, and probably even your cat has heard of the greatest hits like “Damn, Daniel”, “What are those?” and “Why the f#ck you lyin’”. Today you’ll be introduced to their much tamer, yet surprisingly funny, little cousin “how people shower”.

A few years back, this guy Arthur made a short Vine sketch about how British people shower. Using the most British of the stereotypes – tea – he showed himself showering with teabags. Because how else are you supposed to do it? And now, when the Internet has finally caught up to this trend, other people around the world started sharing their stereotypical showering habits in a form of this hilarious meme.



The OG.



With Asians it’s all about the tentacles…



… or rice.



Canadians hate everyone! … Sorry, sorry, no they don’t. Sorry!



Watermelon without chicken nuggets? Come on, black people, get it together!



A whole lotta shaking going on in Chile



In brightest day, in blackest night, no client shall escape my “How may I help you?”



Californians have a really dry sense of humor.



UGGS, Starbucks and what else? Oh, right, the unchecked privileges!



You should already know this, baka!



Still waiting for that update…



Where did that come from? Also, why is there a horse in the bathroom?



Filipinos can sing and you know it!



I wonder what will happen if he rolled a critical failure.



I guess being badass is in their blood!



Oy vey! A penny is missing!



Too … much… FREEDOM!



( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)



This is nothing like the “gold shower” that google showed me.



Hey, it’s 5 o’clock somewhere!






So, how do you take showers? Join the meme, become one with it!

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