22 Of The Weirdest Thrift Store Items

22 Of The Weirdest Thrift Store Items

Thrift stores are like playing the lottery: most of the time you get nothing, but sometimes you can find some real treasures in someone else’s trash. And I’m not talking here about great deals like mint-condition toys, comic books, or other cool stuff, no, I’m talking about deeply disturbing paintings, creepy-ass dolls, and works of art that make no goddamn sense whatsoever.
Without further ado, I present to you 24 of the weirdest thrift store items! Proceed at your own risk.



1. Nothing weird here. Just furry scales. What is there to add?



2. That’s a Satanic ritual if I ever saw one.



3. Definitely not the princess you were looking for.



4. Let’s see here… Alligator face, bull horns, and a long furry neck? Well, looks like someone finally stuffed my ex!

5. I love cats, but we need to draw the line somewhere, right?



6. For traumatizing childhood toys dial 1-800-HELL.



7. As a fan of Seinfeld, I’d be delighted to have this portrait, but I guess for the rest of you it’s just a really weird dude.



8. I just want to remind you that someone out there put a lot of effort in those balls.



9. Creepiest. Shit. EVER!



10. Oh cool, my ex’s best friend!



11. Someone somewhere will be jerking off to this.



12. I bet these are like prunes, but with actual people.

13. Brighten your work-space with a neat star-shaped candle holder!



14. Can you guess who this one reminds me of? No, not my ex, it reminds me of Slimer from the OG Ghostbusters!



15. Holy porking bacon, what am I looking at?!



16. The annual SatanCon is in town it seems!



17. Creepy-ass doll. Probably, most likely, totally possessed by a demon. Only $54.99!



18. This one’s possessed by the Devil himself!



19. Who’s down there after the Devil? I pity the person who got this abomination as a present.

20. It’s like the Devil cloned himself, had sex with his clone, and the baby Devil was sent to destroy the world. That’s the Devil baby right there. I guarantee you! Still, only $54.99, it’s a steal!



21. Imagine reaching for the light switch in the middle of the night, just to find this thing touching your hand. *shivers*



22. I take that back. This one’s way worse. Hello, nightmares, it’s been a while, and I definitely didn’t miss you.

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