23 Hilarious Mom Text Fails

23 Hilarious Mom Text Fails

Moms are amazing, don’t get me wrong, but like everyone else, they have a weakness. And this mom-Kryptonite is none other than modern technology. Have you ever had your mom ask you to install some apps on her PC or phone? Maybe her Wi-Fi wasn’t working properly? Yeah, you know how bad it can get. It’s like teaching your cat how to Skype, but at least the cat doesn’t yell at you for not being able to explain what LMB and RMB means.
Today, however, we’ll look at some of the best-worst mom texts ever typed. Time to release the Kraken!



Clever girl!



Best mom prank ever.



For a mom, that’s a very naive way of thinking.



If you can’t beat them – join them!



Oh, muuuum…



That would be awkward.



Now try to explain ROFLCOPTER



That’s why you teach your mom how you use Google.



Sick burn!



Why would you ever use “lots of love”?



Mom of the year right there!



How about you grow up and get a cab, son? Mommy needs a drink STAT!



More acronym shenanigans. And I know you love those!



Always put a positive spin on things… and finish your texts before sending.



Does the cat want to also talk about all the sex toys in the cat’s night stand?



But you DO know how to fix the Wi-Fi, right? That’s close enough.



I love this mom’s subtle hint.



I mean… she’s not wrong.



Remember how your mom basically taught you how to poop? Well, you might want to return the courtesy and explain shit properly.



Space is so cool!



A few autocorrected words to live by.



That’s a small victory in the war of moms against acronyms.



Seriously, dude..?

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