25 Blood-Chilling Makeup Ideas For Halloween

25 Blood-Chilling Makeup Ideas For Halloween

What’s more important on Halloween than finding the perfect costume? It’s your face, of course! Regardless if it’s to emphasize or compliment your horrific outfit, or just to make little kids tremble at your sight, you’ll never believe how realistic and awesome Halloween makeup can be.
Take a look at these 25 examples of Halloween makeup that will help you scare everyone sh@tless this year. Have fun!



This looks like a horror version of Deadpool from “Wolverine: Origins”



Not the best way to learn anatomy, but it’s perfect for Halloween



I would literally sh#t my pants if I saw this thing.



The girl who asked for “space”, finally got it. All of it.

And don’t tell me you’re not freaked out by this kitty!

Your browser doesn’t support HTML5 video.



You know you’ve been sitting in a bathtub for too long when you look like this.



Aliens are always a classic.



WHAT. THE. F&$#.



Just let it go already…

Well, this Harley Quinn I actually really like

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Why so horrifying, Batman?



It wouldn’t be Halloween without 10 000 Harley Quinn clones running around, right?



The only Freddy Krueger I want to see in my dreams

Eye-catching, isn’t it?



This trick also works with ugly people, FYI



What’s going on with this one?



Is this Aquaman’s illegitimate daughter?



The White Walkers are coming!

Wood you?



Weird nightmares guaranteed!



– What’s wrong, baby?
– Nothing. I’m fine.



She must have put some Titanic effort into this masterpiece



What a Colossal achievement!

At least now she can eat burger like a champ!

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