25 Funniest Pokemon GO Memes

25 Funniest Pokemon GO Memes

People have been wanting for Pokemon to leak into the real world for decades, and now, with Pokemon GO we’re only seeing the tip of the iceberg. The game has been out for a week or so, and people have already called it their favorite game ever. If you don’t know what Pokemon GO is all about, just look it up on YouTube, but for now, all you need to know is that it uses Google Maps API for tracking your location, uses your phone’s camera to catch the Pokemon near you, and what most important, forces you go outside and explore the world! Some Tumblr users even stated that the game has motivated them to get out of bed, which can be a real problem for people with depression. And nearly every conducted research has shown that walking and enjoying nature will improve your mental health.

The hype for this game is real and justified, as no other game has done something like this before. There were similar projects but, come on, this is Pokemon we’re talking about. After just these few days of being available for the US, NZ and AUS users, the game crushed Tinder’s traffic stats and is aiming for Twitter. Twitter, man!
Anyway, here are 25 funniest Pokemon GO memes. Thanks, internet!



Right off the bat – perfect use of a popular meme. 10/10!



I guess the PokeFlute is a premium item.



Don’t GO and drive, people. Come on.



If sadness were a person…



Need to collect… All the PokeStops…



Well, Oddish IS half poison, so



As a Meowth owner myself, I concur.



I’m guessing it’s a poison-type gym, with Muk at the top.



Oh yeah, nothing weird about that, nope. Also, this sounds like it belongs in an Adam Sandler comedy, for some reason.



Let’s not forget that the police officers can also be Pokenerds deep down inside.



Your love life decisions are now much easier to make.



Sure, this looks like a perfect time to catch Pokemon.



There are of course the Team Rocket equivalents in pokemon GO.



Like a fish in water!






Such fun, very Pidgey.



Who ordered a fried Magikarp?



Ekans used Sludge Bomb… And forgot to flush.



Goddamn Rattatas eating your salad IRL now. Imagine what it’s like to go into a cave!



Kids are so gullible these days.



That van’s definitely not going to get you Gravity Falls! *awkward laughter*



Nailed it.



Come on, Nintendo, get your sh@t together!



That’s right, I’ve already seen the sunset like 20 times on YouTube already, where’s my Charmander?!



And lastly, the small business seems to be catching on to the trend. Even the realtors upped their game!

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