25 Hilarious Selfie Fails That Somehow Made Their Way To The Internet

25 Hilarious Selfie Fails That Somehow Made Their Way To The Internet

Since selfies have infiltrated our digital lives, they’ve been crowned as “the good, the bad, AND the ugly”. Some of the first self-shots, or selfies, were taken way-way back when the first cameras were invented, and now even your cat can do it! Of course, not all selfies are the same. Some require substantial setup, hours of playing with makeup, and for what? So you can use the #nomakeup or #justwokeup hashtags? You’re better than this, girl!
At least these 25 selfies don’t pretend to be classy. They’re awful, in fact, and I still have no idea how some of them were uploaded to the Internet. Either way, they’re textbook fails, and we love seeing other people fail!



1. Whatever you do… don’t. Look. Back.



2. Now flex for the granny, brah!



3. Don’t get me wrong, the girl has the necessary assets but oh my GAWD that dog wants to get in!



4. Hey, nice man-bun, kid… hey, wait a second!

5. Do you like what you see?



6. Scientists say it’s easier to take shitty selfies when you’re actually sitting on a toilet.



7. I actually can’t tell if this was intentional or a really funny coincidence.



8. You know you did something right when the cop flips you off.



9. Da-a-a-ad, you ruined my perfect shot!



10. Best. Childhood. Adventure. EVER!

11. This is why auto-focus is worse than Hitler.



12. Soon…



13. It’s one of those “spot the mystery” selfies again.



14. Hey, mom and dad, I’m doing just fine, no need to worry.



15. Housekeeping! I come in and clean, yes?



16. Flipping birdies like she’s 16. The nerve on that lil’ girl.

17. Is daddy now a mommy?



18. Come on, people, don’t let your doggo drink from the toilet…



19. Lana never quite understood why everyone was laughing at her selfie.



20. Either that’s a balloon, or that girl’s about to pop!



21. Quit fooling around, Jessica, and clean the damn potty!



22. Yeah, I’m brutal like that. What’s up?

23. When you come home to your friends, and it’s dinner time.



24. Nailed it!



25. And the final nail in the coffin – BDSM mom and her little daughter. Why would you upload this photo anywhere but the trash bin?

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