30+ Hilarious Office Pranks

30+ Hilarious Office Pranks

Sometimes office workers get a bit bored, and what do you do when you’re bored out of your mind? You spice things up, by pranking your beloved coworkers! You can also try pranking your boss, of course, but it does not always end well for the daredevils.
Let’s see these 30+ creative ideas that will help you mess with your office coworkers!



Here’s everything you’ll ever need to stay longer in the office.



A total cat-astrophy done on purr-pose.



Every egomaniac’s dream work desk.



“Bacon Mice From Mars” anyone? No? Okay…

Use that one really bad picture of them and plaster it all over the place.



Perfect for that one overweight coworker.



Show them their Bieber Fever.



This would work best in Scotland.



Sorry, boss, your assistant is in a different castle.



You and your coworkers will never be hungry again.



Looks like Larry from the accounting got fired… literally.



In case you’ll need an extra cup – it’s here. All of them are.

Curses! Foiled again!



We thought you won’t come back, so we turned your desk into a mini golf course.



Just don’t do this prank if you work in a 911 hot line, okay?



Hoff up your friend’s work space, you know they’ll love it!



Like unwrapping presents? Well, now you do!



The grass is always greener on the other desk.



Where would you even get this many newspapers nowadays?



Literally working for peanuts…. Packing peanuts.

You can tell he’s having a great time! And local dogs must really love his cubicle.



Who used up all the sticky notes?



Rats, this stupid prank again!



Just… hang in there, bro!



Needless to say, Sergey wasn’t too fond of this trashy reception.



How is this a prank?



Only the 90’s kids will understand.



In case you need help pooping.

Found the hipster!



Low tech computer desk.



Freaking savage!



Whoever did this should get a raise.

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