30 Photos Taken at Just the Right Angle

30 Photos Taken at Just the Right Angle

In the world that we live in, it’s all about the perspective and playing with it. It is important to see good in bad, and vice versa, but what’s even more fun is to take pictures of people, objects and animals at just the right angle. Timing is crucial in such photos as well, and you’ll understand why in just a second.



Are you picking up what I’m Putin in now?



Remember that old chewing gum commercial? “Double your pleasure – double your fun!” or something like that.



Someone’s ran out of BBQ meat.



Animorphs, roll out!



Has science gone too far?



Best $5 ever spent!



I heard of Wolfman disease, but not a Dogman.



It’s like a mythical Pegasus got dirty with a cow and a duck.



Most of you think “wow, that’s a huge freakin’ ant!”, but actually, I’m more impressed by the size of that plastic cup.



Pesky bee!



It’s truly amazing what a couple of extra chromosomes can do.



…or a couple missing ones



Feed me, Seymour!



The horns don’t lie!



It’s not a magic carpet, but it’ll do.



I bet his mom was a real b#tch.



I don’t know why but this reminded me of Ace Ventura: Pet Detective.



What? It’s called style, look it up!



Even doggos do it, man!



What. The. Fu… -oh.



Who’s a good driver? Who’s a good driver? Yes you are!



A spoonful of Asian



This is normal here in Chernobyl. You should’ve seen that other guy with pe#nis hands.



Don’t be throwing Jesus into water, bro! You know it doesn’t work on him.



No more bees. Or maybe it’s a butterfly.



Now, this is definitely a fly!



Speaking of insects… Witness the magnificent swarm of wasps and a jet plane!



Aaaaaand PULL!



Here we see a male ice skater giving birth to a baby skater. Aaww, so marvelous!



And lastly a few words of wisdom from Simon Pegg. Technically, it’s not following the theme of this gallery, but I like it, so deal with it!

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