34 Dirtiest Valentine Cards

34 Dirtiest Valentine Cards

Valentine’s Day is almost here! You’re probably wondering what to do on this day, how to, sort of, jokingly, ask someone out for a romantic date, or a not-so-romantic “Netflix and Chill”, without them going “Eww! Get away from me, you creep!” Do not fret, my friend, I think I got you covered.
All you gotta do is send your crush one of these Valentine cards with both of your names and you’re guaranteed to at least make him or her laugh. If you’re lucky, you’re gonna get really lucky, if you’re picking up what I’m laying down. Sure, some of these aren’t all that dirty, but hey, just try them! Some of the reactions will be priceless, to say the least.

Seeing as all these cards are mostly self-explanatory, you’re on your own to decide which one to choose. Have fun and don’t forget to use protection!



Happy Valentine’s Day! And don’t forget catch the Deadpool movie if your date doesn’t show up.



















P.S. Here’s the one I’m gonna be using. Yeah that’s a relationship I can get behind.

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