Cheap Cosplay Ideas from a Taiwanese Genius

Cheap Cosplay Ideas from a Taiwanese Genius

The Halloween craziness is over, but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up and cosplay some of your favorite characters, right? You can spent countless hours and even days, working on a perfect costume, or… you can try doing some low-cost cosplay, just like this Taiwanese dude.
He uses everything his hand can reach, adds some creative vision, and about 5-10 minutes to glue everything together if needed. And, voila!
Enjoy getting your mind blown, dear readers!



Do you think he’d go around asking people “wazzaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa” (or “what’s up”, for those 2 of you who didn’t get it)?



Gotta say, he nailed that yellow Pikachu t-shirt. And professor Thumb.

I’m guessing he’s not a big fan of Chelsea.



Best Tron cosplay ever. Period.



Seriously? That’s not a Beast, it’s the most gorgeous cat I’ve ever seen! 0/10



Tch-tch-tch… Ah-ah-ah… Jason will never scare you again, if you think of him as a thumb.

Probably ate a great mushroom and started all this cheap cosplay thing. I’m telling you!



You know Shenlong screwed up, when Vegeta looks like this, and is guarding… candies?



That’s some uncanny similarity!



Poor Tangela. Even Pokemon isn’t off-limits for this guy.

Haunted ghost ship movie, I’m guessing?



Ho-ly Pikachu! This is the stuff of nightmares…



Was not expecting to see a Resident Evil cosplay from this genius. Gotta say, it’s pretty inventive but getting that tape off is going to be a bee-itch!




Consider yourself… Terminated.



But look, his costume actually looks legit! IMPOSTOR!



Okay… No more drugs for this guy! This is borderline horrifying.

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