Cooking Fails: Expectations VS Reality

Cooking Fails: Expectations VS Reality

We can’t say for sure why these cooking fails happen so often, especially when we try to whipup something special in the kitchen and hope that it’s gonna be fine. People can find inspiration everywhere; it can be in Pinterest or from different culinary shows on YouTube.



A lot of people think cooking skills are nothing, the only thing that matters is the desire
to create something really tasty and unique. OOPS! This is the slippery slope that will ultimately take us to FAILURE!



Somebody is going to screw up the whole thing! For some women it’s a part of the competition and self expression of proving their best. The kitchen is a magic place, where miracles are supposed to happen










































The important thing here is you have to think twice or three times before you make a move cooking; cooking is sort of like a chess game where you have to be focused several moves down the line. Don’t burn the house while your mom is away. We know you think you’re the «Iron Chef» – the «Almighty» in the kitchen, but save your kitchen please! Go slow here… These cooking fails perfectly describe things we are afraid might happen.



Brace yourself, because this collection of fails are nothing to joke about! LOL!… and for God’s sake, somebody please take these lame chefs out of the kitchen!;)









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