CR7’s Bust Is A Pure Work Of Art

CR7’s Bust Is A Pure Work Of Art

I’m pretty sure Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t expect this bust to become so popular, so quickly. At least not for the reason it did. Before we start off, just in case you’ve been living under a rock and/or filter your news feed for Cristiano Ronaldo news (in which case: how the hell did you get here?), this is what I mean:



See? Looks totally like him, right? Of course it doesn’t. The internet quickly caught up to this, and of course, the Photoshop wizards weren’t too late, nor were they early – they arrived precisely when they needed to.






As you can see, people have produced some amazing works of art. One could argue they are more artistic than the bust was to begin with, but let’s not go there.







The sculptor is aware of the…commotion (let’s call it that) and says that he is happy with his work. Let’s just assume he’s an easy to please guy.







Personally, I think the bust looks more like Ronaldinho, but I guess it’s not too bad to be compared to a footballer. It’s pretty bad if you’re as vain as Ronaldo is, however. Ronaldinho wasn’t exactly modelling material.




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