Girls Just Wanna Trash Cars! (20 Pictures)

Girls Just Wanna Trash Cars! (20 Pictures)

You know what they say about female drivers, right? They say that a woman driving is more dangerous than a monkey with a gun. Now, I’m not saying “they” are right, but there are quite a few women driving recklessly, and getting into all sorts of silly situations. Let me show you what I mean.



1. This is what you get for not planning ahead. Also, you could’ve at least opened the door, you know.



2. *Imagine I’m doing a Cali girl impression* “I gotta be pretty, when the officers come. I better brush my hair, while watching my wrecked car burn to ashes.”



3. A lot of the pics here can be described with one word – HOW?



4. This was the last time I let you park the car, darling.

5. I have quite a few questions about this pic, but let’s start with: “why the hell are you butt-naked, Jerry?”



6. We’re stuck knee-deep in this shit. Literally.



7. Do… do you think she knows what those are for?



8. I can tell for sure this is not one of the water beetles, yup.



9. A story of a girl who had 3 cans, and choked on a straw.



10. At least she’s trying!



11. Again, that’s not a water beetle, lady.

12. Weirdly enough I have more faith in that plushie rabbit than that woman’s driving skills.



13. “Yeah, Dominos? Can I get a large Hawaiian with extra pineapples on?”



14. That rear window is there for a reason, ma’am. And that reason isn’t toys.



15. Might as well take some lovely shots, while I’m at it!



16. This has nothing to do with bad driving, it just irks me. And I don’t like to be irked.



17. I bet now you’re regretting you created all that snow, huh, Elsa?

18. Wow, we made a full circle! It’s okay to open car doors, honey!



19. I just wanna know what was going through her mind when she drove the car along the tracks.



20. And lastly, we have a genius driver lady, who just can’t wait to set her shit on fire, or at the very least smell some nice gas fumes. Maybe she’s into that, I don’t know, but I do judge.

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