God-like Photoshop Skills of Lorenz Valentino

God-like Photoshop Skills of Lorenz Valentino

What would you give to hang out with the likes of Mark Zuckerberg, Miley Cyrus or Madonna? Probably a half of your kingdom and your favorite horse or maybe your right gonad! But a German graphic designer, Lorenz Valentino, came up with the next best thing – photoshopping himself wearing his favorite Giraffe/Dino PJ onesie, of course!
His skills are so amazing, that it’s really hard to believe he’s not actually there side by side with Deadpool, Adele, or shaving Victoria Backham’s leg. So let’s take a look at these masterpieces, shall we?
By the way, you can find more of Lorenz’s incredible work on Facebook or Instagram if you don’t feel like googling!



Let’s get schwifty with TSwifty!



This must have been the best day of his life.



Happy birthday, Lorenz!



Woah, there’s a Pikachu!



I wonder what kind of nonsense he’s inking there. Maybe a baby unicorn with bat wings?



The only acceptable show-off selfie.



Mark, scooch! You’re in the frame!



Anything Madonna can do, he can do better.



Probably playing a majestic lullaby.



His anaconda clearly do want…



JLo and her biggest fan? Or just a very persistent stalker?



Secret agent man and his trusty sidekick.



Was this in the final cut of the movie?!



DJ Lorenz in da house! D-d-d-d-d-drop the bass!



How’s that marriage going, Kim? Already cheating on Kanye?



He would freeze his ass off on that DeLorean



He came in like a Photoshop!



He’s not the hero we need, but the hero we deserve.



Again, was this in the Star Wars movie? I remember a funny droid, but not a guy wearing crocodile jammies.



Oh, yeah, I totally remember this scene! It’s when he shoved the plunger up Deadpool’s… uuh, nose.



Just chillin’ with Ri.



Are they planning to build a wall as well?



Is that the new “Three and a Half Men” show?



Queen B and her new friend.



It’s cool to have your own little Paris.



Is that Adel? Adelle? Adele? Ah, who cares, the guy is there too!



Oh and here’s Vicky Beckham and her personal groomer.



And, finally, here’s a little PSA: don’t vote for Trump.

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