Guys Parody Girls’ Most Cliché Instagram Photos

Guys Parody Girls’ Most Cliché Instagram Photos

Mocking people is an art, but if you’re doing it right – it will eventually pay off. And thanks to the internet, it’s almost too easy to mock complete strangers without dealing with the consequences. Just take someone’s picture, add a witty caption, post it online and BOOM – you’ve become famous (probably not). The internet will always give people crazy ideas on what to ridicule, and this time it’s the stereotypical and cliché Instagram photos of random girls. We got the poser, the gym selfie shooter, the “I have gorgeous hair, LOOK AT HOW GORGEOUS IT IS” and many, many more.
Thankfully, these dudes have an amazing sense of humor and are way more creative with their versions of the photos. Let’s take a look at these masterpieces!



Every hot biker chick photo ever.


If this doesn’t say “I own a yacht and a wealthy man” I don’t know what does.


Every “best summer ever” instagram post



Every “#NeedSomeMeTime” post ever.



Can’t see his n*pple. 1/10.


“Just chillin with my BFF”, am I right?


Typical “My first time at the beach” post





Gotta admit… hairy legs – not my thing.


Praise the Sun!



“I said YES!” uuugh…


The view from the other side is probably much better.


Well, that’s one way not to look drunk at parties.



Can’t tell if weird yoga or Spider-Man tryouts.


Tumblr in a nutshell.


Gym selfies. F#cking gym selfies.



Is it a boy or a girl? Neither! It’s a stout!


Best dad ever!


Anything you can do, I can do better!

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